Jurassic enters early access for Android in the Philippines and US

De-extinction: The Jurassic is a new prehistory strategic title from Arc Games International. De-Extinction: Jurassic has now opened early access for players in select regions of the United States and the Philippines exclusively on Android.

De-Extinction: Jurassic promises a dinosaur-themed base building experience

De-Extinction: Jurassic aims to provide a prehistoric experience by including dinosaurs and other creatures. The game revolves around the basic idea of ​​building a base with many types of dinosaurs available to the players. The game basically follows the adventures and dark stories of the Ark Gene Group, whose goal is to control a mystical island and a species of dinosaurs for their own benefit and control.

De-Extinction: Jurassic Early Access, De-Extinction: Jurassic
Image via Arc Games International

The game is a basic builder and thus also allows you to upgrade and customize the entire dinosaur facility. Players can make their dinosaur compound not only rise to great fame, but also ensure that the resident dinosaurs grow and thrive. The game also allows players to develop and design their own dinosaurs by building health facilities and conducting tests on species that allow players to get some new dinosaurs in their arsenal.

Create your own team of dinosaurs and rebuild the dinosaur park

Players can discover new secrets, new scientists and new recipes for danger and adventure in the game. Some dinosaurs are mild, while some are extremely dangerous and must be constantly monitored to ensure the facility remains safe.

De-Extinction: Jurassic Early Access, De-Extinction: Jurassic
Image via Arc Games International

The game does a great job of providing more than 100 species of dinosaurs which players can choose from. Players can befriend docile ones Triceratops, capture and train a wild T-rex, or if they want more options, they can run tests and create their own unique species. The game really offers a lot of options to upgrade dinosaurs and objects according to the choices and preferences of the players. Interested players in select regions can download the game via Google Play.

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