10 Locations We Want To See As Dead by Daylight Maps

The asymmetric multiplayer horror Dead By Daylight has a lot of great recognizable killers and survivors. With game licensing properties from video games and film, there are many possibilities for future content. But while most of the love goes to the well-known game characters, most of the iconic locations from these series have made for brilliant maps.



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Saw, Halloween, Silent Hill and Resident Evil have produced some of the best maps in the game. While Behavior Interactive may need to find some characters to follow, there are many more series with locations that would make great maps in Dead By Daylight.

10 Skeld From Among Us

Green team member in Skeld from Among Us

At this point, no one can deny that the original map in Among Us is one of the most recognizable in recent years. Anyone who has played Among Us is already familiar with the layout of this ship.

The rooms in Skeld should translate well to Dead By Daylight, just replace some quests with a generator. Who knows, we might even see a crew member added as a survivor and an impostor as a killer. It would be especially satisfying if the survivors could float away from the Entity Realm into the dark reaches of space.

9 Dracula’s Castle from Castlevania

Dracula's Castle from Netflix's Castlevania

There are many iconic castles in popular culture, but Dracula’s Castle from Castlevania stands out as one of the most appropriate. It would fit the creepy atmosphere of Dead By Daylight, especially if accompanied by the main vampire himself.

While games have depicted the castle over the years, there have been so many that it might have been better if this version was based on the animated series, so Behavior could interpret it more directly. Although it would probably be best if the castle didn’t disappear or turn upside down while the generator was being fixed.

8 Endor from Star Wars

Endor from Star Wars Battlefront 2

The forest moon of Endor was already recognized for its terrifying potential when Star Wars Battlefront 2 introduced Ewok Hunt, an infected game mode in which Ewoks hunted soldiers at night.

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Sure, Endor might not be the first Star Wars crossover you might want for Dead By Daylight, but there’s no denying it would be a good fit. Sure, Darth Vader might never hunt you down, but we can always hide from the assassins around the trees of Endor, with the Ewoks cheering us on.

7 From The Thing Antarctic Research Station

The research base in Antarctica from The Thing

Dead By Daylight already has a snow map, Ormond Ski Resort. However, it doesn’t get much creepier than the Antarctic station from 1982’s The Thing. Sure, it might be too hard to get The Thing into play as a killer, but Behavior could always put an abandoned station into play before or after everyone is already dead.

It might be nice to have a dog in a closed kennel too, but only if The Entity spares the animals. Although no one would say no to Kurt Russell’s MacReady or Keith David’s Childs as survivors.

6 USG Ishimura from dead space

Two people walk into the welcome bay of the USG Ishimura from Dead Space

The Dead Space franchise may have enough material for an entire chapter with Isaac Clarke as a survivor and the Necromorph as a killer, but we’re most interested in seeing Ishimura shine as a map.

Behavior could have found a clever way to incorporate the ship’s no-gravity areas into the game if it didn’t break it too much. But even if it’s just a standard map, the creepy abandoned corridors and tram system would make for an interesting gameplay loop. Also, Nemesis and Dredge would fit right in.

5 Spencer Mansion from Resident Evil

The entrance hall of the Spencer mansion from Resident Evil

One of the most beautiful maps already in the game is the Raccoon City Police Department from the Resident Evil series. But running around Spencer’s mansion from the original Resident Evil would be amazing. It has everything you could want from a great map, with narrow corridors, verticality and outdoor areas.

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The only thing against the inclusion of this map would be that maybe it should be released along with the skins rather than the new characters since Chris, Jill and Wesker are all already playable in Dead By Daylight. Maybe they’ll use Barry Burton or Tirano.

4 The Winchester Tavern from Shaun of the Dead

Winchester from Shaun of the Dead with zombies on the street.

Shaun of the Dead might not be remembered for its location, but that doesn’t mean Winchester is a bad map. Turning on the generators could power up parts of the pub, activate the fruit machine and the lights. He could also activate the music through the Jukebox, except this time it wouldn’t be Queen.

Like the RCPD, Winchester could be accompanied by the sounds of snarling zombies. If they added the waterhole as a map, maybe it wouldn’t be too hard to add Shaun Simon Pegg and Ed Nick Frost as survivors. After all, they managed to get Nicolas Cage.

3 The Mall from The Last of Us

Ellie (Bella Ramsey) looks at an illuminated mall in HBO's The Last of Us

If the mall from The Last of Us wasn’t already iconic after The Last of Us: Left Behind, its appearance in the HBO adaptation cemented that status. An entire chapter based on an HBO series or Naughty Dog’s award-winning games would be great, but the characters from the series might not fit the atmosphere of the game.

So instead of worrying about Joel, Ellie, Tommy, or Riley, it would be great to be able to run up and down escalators, smash up a Halloween store, and jump over some arcade machines in this mall-based map.

2 Hell From Doom

A screenshot of Hell On Earth in Doom Eternal, with demons flying and tearing down skyscrapers.

If Behavior wants to shake up Dead By Daylight’s content, it’s going to have to have some maps that aren’t your dark, shadowy forests or abandoned buildings. Working with ID software and creating a map from hell might be a bit extreme, but it would fit perfectly.

It wouldn’t have to be directly Hell either, as it could be part of Hell on Earth, with a hellish background, but in a New York skyscraper. It could even be a fully fleshed out DLC with the Doom Slayer as the survivor and one of Doom’s many demons as the killer.

1 Sewage from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Donatello and Raphael bruised after a fight in the sewers from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

If Behavior wants to stay fresh, a fully underground map would be great for Dead By Daylight. The basis of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the sewers of New York City, could work well. Imagine being chased into the Turtle Lair by an assassin, running around their couch and hiding behind the iconic Turtle Van, the Party Wagon.

The map may also feature an above-ground element, with survivors falling through sewer grates to reach a lower level. Let’s just hope none of the killers like turtle soup.

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