Raids And Encounters For The Dark Flame Event In PoGo

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  • Wild Encounter Pokemon Event

The latest limited time event that Pokemon Go will host it Dark Flames event, offers a variety of new releases and unique changes to the in-game experience. The event focuses on Dark and Fire Pokemon and offers several benefits that you won’t want to miss.



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The Dark Flames event will be shorter in duration than most others offered in the past, as it will only be available for four days. It’s happening from Thursday, June 29 at 10:00 a.m. local time to Sunday, July 2 at 8:00 p.m. local time, we’ve included everything you need to know about this event in our complete guide below.

Pokemon Debuts

Image of Turtonator and Mega Sableya standing on a molten surface

Turtonator, Fire and Dragon dual-type Pokemon, will make their Pokemon Go debut at this event. During the Dark Flames event, you will be able to meet and capture the Turtonator through both Field research meetings and his A three-star raid.

Mega Sableye will also debut Pokemon Go with this event. As of this event, this Mega Evolution can be found in a new version Mega Raid, which rewards you with Sableye Mega Energy if you successfully complete it.

This is the only method to obtain Sableye Mega Energy, a resource needed to Mega Evolve your own Sableye.

Event Bonuses

Various Pokemon Go raids scattered across the crowded city

It will four main bonuses available throughout the duration of this event, primarily in relation to Pokemon Go’s Raiding feature. Each of these four bonuses is listed below, so take advantage of them while you can!

  • Earn it three extra candies after completing the raid
  • You deserve it Extra Candy XL after completing the Raid (trainers at least level 31)
  • XP gained from completing Raids will increase by 25 percent
  • The number of Team Go Rocket Grunts that have Dark or Fire Pokemon in balloons and at PokeStops will increase.

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Event research

Professor Willow with Pikachu on his shoulder, with Mew and the Pokemon Go logo on the right

Timed event research

The time survey for this event will have multiple paths, focusing on Dark-type Pokemon or Fire-type Pokemon. Depending on the path you choose, incense used during this event will have an increased spawn rate for Fire-type Pokemon or an increased spawn rate for Dark-type Pokemon.

Regardless of which path you choose, you can expect to receive the same rewards for completing the various tasks included in this timed research. This includes a Premium Battle Pass, 15,000 XP, and encounters with various event-themed Pokemon.

Event Field Research Encounter Quest

Completion of various Event Field research tasks can bring you event themed Pokemon encounters. Each of the Pokemon you can expect to encounter after completing them can be found below, obtained by visiting and spinning various PokeStops.

Event Field Exploration Quest Encounter Pokemon


Alolan Meowth



Alolan Grimer


Alolan Marowak

The challenge of gathering events

For this Collection Challenge event, the Pokemon you will need to catch will depend on which path you chose to explore at the time of the event. Whichever path you choose, completing this collection challenge will reward you 5,000 XP and 100 Houndoom Mega Energy.

Pokemon Raid Event

People standing around Pokemon Go Raid with text

It will more event-themed Pokemon found in Raids during the four days of the Dark Flames event. This includes the two Pokemon that debuted at this event: Turtonator and Mega Sableye. Below you can find each of these Raid Pokemon and their specific Raid Level.

Pokemon Raid Event

Raid Pokemon

Raid Tier


One star


One star


One star


One star

Alolan Marowak

With three stars


With three stars


With three stars


With three stars


Five stars

Mega Sableye

Mega Raid

Heatran caught after completing their five-star attacks will know Charged Attack Magma Storm.

This attack will have 65 power in Trainer Battles and 75 power in raids and gyms.

Wild Encounter Pokemon Event

Litwick from Pokemon silhouetted in the stars with the night sky as a background

There will be more Dark and Fire Pokemon that appear in the wild more often during the Dark Flames event. Be sure to log into Pokemon Go during this short event window for a chance to meet and catch the next Pokemon.

Wild Encounter Pokemon Event





give a name






Galarian Zigzagoon

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