How To Complete The South Lanayru Sky Crystal In Tears Of The Kingdom

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  • South Lanayru Celestial Crystal Location
  • How to complete Mayan Shrine: Led by Ice

South Lanayru Sky Crystal is a shrine quest in the The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Realm. This shrine is reached by unlocking the Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower in the eastern part of the map. With rare exceptions, this Sky Crystal quest is one of the few that does not unlock the Shrine of Rauru’s Blessing.



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Instead, the shrine that this quest unlocks is a typical puzzle-based shrine. Completing South Lanayru’s Sky Crystal grants access to the Mayanas Shrine, which will leave you scratching your head for the longest time. If you want to know the solution to the shrine, this guide covers how to get through it and grab the treasure at the end.

South Lanayru Celestial Crystal Location

Launching from the tower and fly to the northeast towards the sky islands that are closest to you. When you approach the first island, you will see a pre-assembled flying machine and some military constructs.

Attach a Zonai rocket on a moving cube with a soldier on it and bring your flying machine to the block. Rocket the cube to gain some height and then fly the machine to the next island.

Trade your used flying device for another one prepared in advance on this next island and continues to the east.

On the next island you will find a Mayan sanctuary. Work with him to bring the quest.

The exact coordinates of the shrine are 4611, -0944, 1789.

Finding the crystal

Turn away from the shrine and go to central platform of the island you are on. Turn the mechanism so that the launcher faces the island where does the green crystal light go.

Step on the launcher and it will launch you across the islands. Use Ascend on slender floating platforms above youand on your left you will see a construct soldier on a moving cube.

Slide up to the cube and kill the soldier. Attach one of the rockets here to the cube and use it to move the block into the great main floating rock where it is green crystal light shows against. When you’re below the main body of land, use Ascend.

Link is standing on a floating cube in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

You should appear before some brittle vines. Smash them and then cut another section of vine to find a crystal.

Grab the crystal and use the Zonai devices nearby to create a flying machine using fans and a wing device.

When flying, aim at central circular platform because it is easier to land.

How to complete Mayan Shrine: Led by Ice

With the shrine unlocked, you will now need to complete the puzzle inside the Mayanas Shrine to claim your Light of Blessing.

As you enter and approach the first room, you will see a a pool surrounded by platforms and frozen fruit. Grab the ice fruit and throw it into the pond to make a a sheet of ice.

Using the Ultrahand, move the ice out of the water and slide down the ramp beside you. Time the ice platform to hit the large target at the bottom of the ramp.

If you activate the Zonai ice emitting device and throw it into the water, it will constantly creating ice platforms.

As the goal begins move left, drop the ice platform to the far left side of the ramp.

After completing this puzzle, you can leave the shrine and claim your reward. Before leaving, you have to solve one more puzzle and the reward is the mighty shield of Zonaita.

If you think it’s worth it, the solution to unlocking the door and grabbing the chest is as follows:

Create several ice platforms using ice fruit or Zonai devices with an ice emitter.

Attach them to form a long platform bridge. You will need around eight or nine in all.

The platform must be long enough so you can reach the goal and complete the puzzle.

Simply take your long bridge to the edge of the platform and drop it from above so that it hits the target.

This unlocks a door and a treasure chest, fully completing the shrine. Once you’ve done that, approach the rune and claim your Light of Blessing.

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