How To Find And Defeat Ungora The Spider Queen In V Rising

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  • Ungora The Spider Queen Location
  • Ungora The Spider Queen Rewards

Spider Queen Ungora is a tough boss In Getting Up, who can summon spiders to fight her. If you’re looking for help, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll take a look at how to find and defeat Spider Queen Ungora.



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Since Ungora is a high-level boss, it is recommended that you bring powerful weapons and armor. If you’re playing on a server with others, it’s a great idea to team up and defeat Ungora together. Now let’s see where you can find Spider Queen Ungora in Vadoran.

Updated June 28, 2023 by Jacqueline Zalace: V Rising recently received a significant update that changed many aspects of the game. We’ve updated this guide with current information, allowing you to find and kill the Ungora Spider Queen as quickly as possible.

Ungora The Spider Queen Location

in rising ungora the location of the spider queen marked on the map

Ungoro can be found deep inside the Cursed Forest. In the image above you can see the marked location on the map. This location is fairly easy to get to, but you can the composition of Ungor with the Bloody Altar, which allows you to find it more precisely. Slightly south of this location near the top of Dunley Farmlands, you can also find a Waygate for fast travel.

This area will be full of spiders in addition to the queen herself. Before the fight against Ungora, we recommend that you kill the smaller spiders in the area. If you don’t, they can become overpowered during battle.

Fortunately, this cave has a roof, which means you won’t risk getting sunburned while fighting the Spider Queen Ungora.

What to bring to battle

In the rising blood-drinking vampire

Ungora the spider queen is at level 60, so you’ll want to have a total gear level of 60 or higher. If you have a lower equipment score, you can fight during the fight.

In addition, it is important that bring some potions and healing items with you. You can also make them from cultivated materials buy them from sellers all over the world.

Below you can see some of the potions you have on hand.

  • Pesticide
  • Blood Rose Brew
  • Blood Rose Potion

lastly, try to have a strong blood type. If you like long-range spells, we suggest the scholar’s powerful blood. If, on the other hand, you prefer melee combat, try to find a strong blood type warrior or resource.

battle strategy

player fighting against ungora the spider queen
via Ensign/Steam

Kill Spider Summons

One of the main mechanics of Ungora is summon additional spiders to help her. These little spiders aren’t too dangerous on their own, but they can easily team up against you. Furthermore some spiders can explode.

You will want to take care of these summoned spiders as soon as possible, so you can return all your attention to Ungor.

Using ranged attacks

Ungora has a few of them powerful melee attacks as well as attacks that deal AoE damage around her.

To deal with this, we recommend using ranged attacks which allow you to keep a safe distance. You can use ranged weapons like the crossbow or stick to ranged spells. Since the area has no sunlight, it can keep your distance and take as much time as you want.

Watch out for the poison

a player standing in front of an ungora while performing a net attack
via WarMind Games/YouTube

Ungora can poison you, which can be quite annoying, especially if you don’t have much health to begin with.

They currently exist there are no poison resistance potions to take in the game, so it’s important to bring healing items with you.

Avoid magic circles

During the fight with Ungora, magic circles will appear on the ground; these are green areas that deal poison damage. You should avoid these circles at all costs, but if you accidentally go through one, use a healing item.

If you get too overwhelmed in a fight, you can always get away a bit. But don’t stray too far; if you do, Ungora can reset and regain health.

The best spells to use

In Rising All Chaos vampiric abilities

The spells you use depend on your playstyle, but due to Ungora’s poisoning and spider summoning, we suggest you have at least one defensive spell like Phantom Aegis.

Of course, if you want to quickly defeat her with powerful attacks, try the following options.

  • Sanguine Coil
  • Dam of Chaos
  • Chaos Volley
  • Crimson Ray

Ungora The Spider Queen Rewards

player standing next to the corpse of Spider Queen Ungore
via Chester/Steam

After defeating Spider Queen Ungora, you can extract her V blood and receive the following rewards.

  • The fickle power of arachnids
  • Crafting ability:
    • Ghost Yarn
    • silk
    • Spiderling (this is a creature from the Scavenger’s Nest)

Volatile Spider

Volatile Arachnid is the ultimate skill in the Unholy section of your skill bar.

When used, this ability will cause you to summon spiderlings that explodes for 130% magic damage. Additionally, this will create a toxic AoE that deals 40 percent damage and causes a fade loop. On top of all that, you can morph this ability up to four times.

This is a great option to use if you are dealing with large groups of enemies, however, it may not always be helpful as some enemies can avoid the summoned spiders.

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