The Best Intelligence/Strength Build For Elden Ring

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  • What is Intelligence/Strength Building?
  • Starscourge Greatsword Build – in memory of Leonard

Being a wizard in An older ring everything is fine and right. Sometimes you want to throw moons, shoot lasers and generally be a walking talking nuclear bomb. But it doesn’t appeal to all people all the time. Sometimes I’d like to wrap my arms around a big stick and bang some guys. After all, even Gandalf had a sword.



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Intelligence/power constructs are jacks of all trades, masters of death. You have access to a wide range of weapons, armor and spells, anything stupid enough to stand in your way is flattened by the sheer scale of your sword – or in some cases swords.

Updated on June 28, 2023 by Sean Murray: If you want a little hocus pocus with your unga bunga, we’ve got you covered. We’ve updated this guide with some additional suggestions, better design, and breakout tips to improve your strength/intelligence in Elden Ring.

What is Intelligence/Strength Building?

Elden Ring Starscourge Greatsword

The key difference between an intelligence build that deals with swords and an intelligence build that goes to the gym and gets massively bloated is the distribution of stats. Intelligencealthough still important, is more of a secondary stat.

The focus is on close combatwhich one it is backed by powerful spells. All in all, it’s a very flexible playstyle.

Stats you want to aim for

Starscourge Radahn performs his Gravity Surge attack in the Elden Ring



















We are for this building we push the power as high as possiblewhile still making sure we are enough points in Intelligence, mind, strength, and Endurance.

Let’s settle 60 Power because it’s a soft cap to increase strength. Intelligence is at 45 so we can use many different spells. This way you will be able to choose your favorites.

Buildings must try to target for 60 Vigorbut since we are going for a split build, we had to make some sacrifices. 50 Vigor, while not ideal, is definitely enough to keep you alive. Think 20 means you can cast a lot of spells, but you may have to put more of your flasks into Cerulean to compensate.

If you find that you prefer to use spells and run out of FP too quickly, consider grabbing the Cerulean Amber locketwhich increases your FP significantly.

finally, 25 Endurance it will give you enough fuel in the tank to swing swords, cast spells and still roll. Not only that, you can to wear a lot heavier armor setswhat we want to do for this building.

Leveling plan

Spreading your stats across so many stats will be a problem, especially early game. To that end, you’ll want to plan the order in which you’ll improve your stats. Try to hit these general milestonesin the following order:

  • Enough power to wield a decent power-measured weapon. A Lordsworn Greatsword requires 16 power, and an Iron Greatsword requires 18 power, for example.
  • Enough intelligence for a few spells. 17 Intelligence will give you access to a wide variety.
  • Now is the time to Vigor pump to a respectable point to take over the early-mid game, but the balance will be this small increase in power and intelligence to keep your damage up.
  • Reach minimum strength and intelligence to wield your ultimate weapon. For the Starscourge Greatsword, that’s 38 Strength and 15 Intelligence, the latter of which you should already know.
  • Start balancing power and strength alternately until you reach 60 and 50or
  • Conclude by focusing on your intelligence.

Get yours Endurance and Mind levels as and when you need them – you’ll notice when you start to fall a bit behind the difficulty curve.

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Starscourge Greatsword Build – in memory of Leonard

ELDEN RING Starscourge before erdtree


Everything about this building hit the enemies very hard with really big swords. We also push hard to fit the theme Gravity and star magicwhich luckily has some of the best spells in the game.

You will be able to face the strongest enemies in the game and destroy them easily ranged and melee. Not only that, but it is incredible crowd control to add the final cherry on top.


  • Starscourge Greatsword
  • Meteorite staff

We are running for this building Starscourge Greatsword. This weapon measures at a B scaling in power at the highest level and comes with decent enough D scaling in intelligence. You’re going to take chunks when you swing this thing off its target.

You can even dual weapon two copies of this weapon if you can get them (either through a friend or on New Game Plus), you even more damage exit.

The Weapon Art is also fantasticto share massive amounts of AOE damage and moving everything over a large area. Nothing is safe when you wear this thing.

For staff, we decide on Meteorite staff. This staff does a lot of damage strengthens ours Gravity magicand it can be found very early. It’s an all-around great choice, especially for a build that implements less intelligence than usual.

Main spells

Three huge rocks rise up from the ground and it will throw them forward.

  • Stars Of Ruin
  • Rock Sling
  • Carian phalanx

We can use all kinds of spells with this build, but the big three are Stars Of Ruin, Rock Sling, and Carian phalanx. Stars Of Ruin is an amazing spell that fires 12 fast moving, directional and highly damaging projectiles at enemies. Casting is quite expensive, but you can get used to it great effect against skilled opponents who like to dodge.

Rock Throw is our favorite outing. You fire three boulders at enemies and deal a lot physical injury. This spell can knock down most enemies in a few casts that nullify some of the larger enemies in the game. It is incredibly efficient for its cost.

The only downside might be the Rock Throw problems with working in closed locations.

The last spell you must have to build is Carian phalanx. Our weapons are quite slow, which can make it difficult to enter combat without taking cheeky hits for your efforts. The Carian phalanx fixes that firing off balance-breaking glintstone blades on nearby enemies. This can open enemies up for your blitz offensive.


  • Graven Mass Talisman
  • The magic scorpion
  • Erdtree’s favor
  • Dragoncrest Greatshield

Both of them Graven Mass Talisman and The magic scorpion they are fantastic additions to this build as they both increase our magic damage. Since our intelligence is quite low, this will help increase our damage and allow us to swing higher than we otherwise would.

Magic Scorpion too makes our Greatsword Starscourge do more damageas it has a split damage profile.

Our base resources are a bit lowas a result of which Erdtree’s affection is priceless for this building. Increases HP, FP, durability, and equipment loadwhich more than compensates for our smaller investments.

The Dragoncrest Great Shield Talisman increases all our physical resistance, making us much harder to kill. It will also offset the reduction in our resistance that Magic Scorpion brings. Replace this with Pearldrake Talisman when necessary.

You could raise your stats even higher Heirlooms instead of Greatshield and Pearldrake talismans if you don’t think you need the damage reduction.


  • Queen’s Crescent (optional)

We want to stack that much for armor Poise and Damage reduction as we can while still maintaining a Medium roll. You can also consider equipment Queen’s Crescent for a slight boost Intelligence. This, however, could conflict with your Elden Bling.

A bottle of wonderful physics

  • Cerulean Hidden
  • Magic-Shrouding
  • Power-knot
  • Intelligence node

There are all kinds of tears you can mix into your flask. The Cerulean Hidden Tear he will give you infinite FP for 15 seconds, which allows you to spam more expensive spells at the start of the record. The A magic tear on the other hand, it will increase all your magic damage (including weapons) for three minuteswhich is a great enthusiast.

If you want to more statisticsand then The power and intelligence nodes are fantastic as they give you a +10 to this stat for three minutes. For the biggest pity way out, a combination of Intelligence-Knot and Magic-Shrouding is the way to go.


A screenshot of an Elden Ring character near the entrance to Stormhill Castle holding the Darkmoon Greatsword

  • While the build above is specifically for the Starscourge Greatsword, there are many fantastic weapons that are measured by strength and intelligence in the game and this build can easily be customized to suit them.
    • Good examples include royal greatsword, the Troll Knight’s Sword, the Fallingstar Beast Jaw, and Ax of Rosuswhich comes with the fantastic Ash of War.
  • An alternative to melee focus with magical reserve would be a focus on magic with reserve for melee. It is for this purpose Dark Moon Greatsword it is perfect. To adapt this build to this playstyle, simply replace the Intelligence instances with Strength.
  • Similarly, you can simply focus on a a different school of magic if celestial and gravity spells aren’t for you.
    • Custodian of Witchcraft they are perfect for a close style of play. It encourages them Carian Glintstone Staff and Carian Glintblade Staff, depending on what spells you use. The former boosts sword-type spells, while the latter boosts passive projectile spells.
    • Glintstone Sorceries they are affordable choices, easy to use and easy to find. There are no pieces of equipment that will enhance all Glintstone spells, so just pick the staff with the highest damage.
    • Cold spells they are late game acquisitions but very flexible. Frostbite is a very powerful condition. There are no wands to enhance cold spells, but Snow Witch Hat does.

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