Red Dead Redemption Website Updated Following Remake Rumours

Red Dead Redemption was re-rated in South Korea yesterday, sparking rumors of a remaster or remake. Leakers claimed that GTA 4 and RDR remasters were in development, but were allegedly shelved due to the poor reception of the GTA Trilogy. However, according to Rockstar reporter Ben (@videotechx), the RDR site’s domain was updated on May 26th, which coincides with the new rating – something is brewing behind the scenes.



Further fueling remake rumors is part of the review he spotted @seinfelddahog. They pointed out that “this version of Red Dead Redemption has a new gore rating descriptor that has only been assigned to three other games so far: Doom, Doom Eternal and Red Dead Redemption 2.” The original game and Undead Nightmare only featured “realistic blood”. The updated RDR may use a continuation disassembly system, which would mean it’s on the same engine and is therefore a remake.

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Kotaku also reported that Rockstar understands there is “huge demand” for the original Red Dead Redemption to return. Reporter Zack Zwiezen, who also covered the GTA trilogy before its release, said that “the RDR1 remaster wasn’t dead, just taking a hiatus until closer to/after the launch of GTA6”. This means two things – the Red Dead Redemption remaster, port or remake is underway again, and GTA 6 is finally getting closer to launch.

It’s worth noting that after GTA Trilogy was leaked on the Korean review board, it only took eight days until Rockstar Games officially announced it, so we might not have to wait long to find out what’s going on with Red Dead Redemption.

The rating also includes “NV” which means it’s for console, not PC. This initially led people to believe that we would either get a current-gen port, a Switch port, a remake, or a remake. However it turns out, this rating doesn’t mean it won’t ever come to PC.

Currently, the only way to play Red Dead Redemption is through PS3 or Xbox 360. If you want to play it on the current generation, it’s available through Xbox One and the backwards compatible series, which means you can choose between RDR and Undead Nightmare. in the Microsoft Store. If you’re using a PlayStation, Nintendo Switch or PC, it can’t be accessed right now. It was originally available for streaming via PS Plus, but interestingly the option was removed last year. Maybe Rockstar expected a better way to try – we’ll have to wait and see.

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