How To Build Luocha In Honkai: Star Rail

Move fight for Honkai: Star Railway essential to have a healer or shield in your party as all your characters are open to enemy attacks. You will even need up to two healers while fixing some floors in the Forgotten Halls as you have to create two teams of different characters.



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Luocha is a fictional character who follows the path of abundance. He was first released as a playable character during the second phase of the 1.1 update, and his kit has almost everything you’ll need in battle. Here’s how you can easily build one to keep your team alive.

The best relics and planar ornaments for Luoch

Honkai Star Rail Luocha Relic Screen

You can place up to four relics and two planar ornaments on the character when you go to the relic screen in the character information menu. The former can be farmed by exploring the world or Caverns of Chaos, while the latter will require you to venture into the worlds of the simulated universe.

Each time you place two or four pieces of the same set, you will receive a set bonus unique to that set. Some of these bonuses can fit into Luocha’s deck quite well, and here are the best:

The species


The reason for the synergy


Wild Wheat Musketeer

Luocha is a unique healer because the healing provided by this character scales to his ATK. This makes the Musketeer set the best in the slot for it. The two part part of this set gives Luochi an additional 12 percent ATK.

If you get four pieces, Luocha will also gain some SPD and Basic ATK DMG. The Musketeer is a fairly easy artifact to farm, as you can also get it in Exploration and Echoes of War.

Passerby Of Wandering Cloud

One thing you’ll notice about Luocha is that he doesn’t need to use as many skill points. This is because his healing can be triggered automatically when the character is at low health. This assembly further increases its effectiveness.

Increases his healing output for two-part and gives you one extra skill point at the start of battle. The two-piece part of this set can also be used with the two-piece Musketeer.

The shooting meteor thief

In addition to basic ATK, Luocha can also remove an enemy’s toughness bar with his Ultimate. This makes it great for stacking some break effect so you can deal a lot of damage when you trigger the weakness.

Imaginary Weakness Break being one of the best in late game battles makes this deck even better. You can also regenerate some energy on Weakness Break to reach your Ultimate faster.

Flat decorations

Lively Vonwacq

Sprightly Vonwacq is the best slot decoration set for Luoch due to its level of energy regeneration and performance progress. This kit will allow him to work ahead of other characters in the team.

In addition to returning your Ultimate faster, this too allows you to create a field faster from Luocha’s talent.

Talia: Kingdom of Banditry

This deck can stack with the Thief Relic deck from back then gives you an extra 36 percent Break Effect if your SPD is a bit high. The best part is that you can farm it in the same world as Sprightly Vonwacq.

Space Sealing Station

120 SPD isn’t that hard to get when your character is fully upgraded. If you have this SPD, this set gives you up to 24 percent ATK, which in turn increases Luocha’s healing.

It will be as well deal extra damage to him when you perform his base ATK and ultimatemaking his damage pretty decent.

Once you’ve determined which Relics and Planar Ornaments you want to use on Luocha, the next step is to determine the main and essential value of each tool. Normally you would easily build a healer, but Luocha is a bit different. You need to find a bunch of stats on him to make him as powerful as possible.

For main stats you should look for the following for each gear:

Tool type

Top priority for statistics

the head

HP (guaranteed)


ATK (guaranteed)

The body

ATK percentage

The feet

SPD > ATK percentage

A planar sphere

ATK percentage

Link Rope

Energy regeneration rate

In Honkai, you can’t get an energy regeneration level as a base: Star Rail and SPD are also quite rare. It is important to have these two stats as your main stats on the appropriate tool. As far as sub-stats go, you can look up some Effect RES, SPD, ATK Percent and Crit for Luoch.

If you plan to build it on Break Effect with Talia and Thief decks, you can also look for some Break Effect on substats.

The best light cones for Luoch

Honkai Star Rail Bailu Light Cone

Once you get Luoch on your account, the first thing you’ll want to do is put a decent cone of light on him. It might be hard to get his best Light Cone for free-to-play and low-spending players, so here are all the options:

Coffin echoes

This is Luocha’s signature Cone of Light, which can only be obtained by pulling the flag with the weapon when the character is introduced. This cone gives you 24 percent ATK and regenerates your energy based on the number of enemies hit during the attack.

This can match up pretty well with the energy you get from using a Thief Relic set. Additionally, all allies gain some unified SPD for one turn whenever he uses Ultimate.

Time waits for no one

This five-star Light Cone is a bit easier to get, as you can also buy it in the store. The HP provided by Light Cone is pretty much useless for Luoch, but everything else suits him perfectly. Your output healing is increased by 12 percent.

Furthermore, whenever you heal a character, deal additional damage equal to 36 percent of this healing in their next ATK. This is great for Luoch because he also heals characters when they attack during his talent field.

Perfect timing

This is a typical four-star Light Cone for Luoch who increases its RES effect and healing output also increases based on its RES. This goes well with one of his additional abilities.

A common feeling

While it may not be the best, the effects of this cone of light are pretty consistent on Luocha. It gives him an additional exit healing and regenerates some energy for all allies whenever he uses his skill.

His skill’s auto-trigger combines with this cone of light, giving characters some free energy.


If you are new to the game, you can use this light cone with three stars. Advances your actions forward whenever you use your base ATK. Luocha can do that very good at restoring skill points for his team since you don’t need to use his skill as much.

Overview and priority of Luocha tracks

Honkai Star Rail Luocha looks to the side

Like every other character, Luocha has a set of eight main tracks that you can unlock. You can also upgrade four of them to level ten. Every track in Luocha’s kit is very valuable and they do this:

Ability name

The species


Thorns of the abyss

Basic attack

Offers a a certain amount of imaginary DMG to one enemy. The DMG multiplier of each character’s base ATK is the same.

Prayer of the flower of the abyss


Gain one stack of Abyss Flower and regenerate a ton of energy for one ally. If an ally drops below 50 percent health, this ability will automatically activate.

This can only be triggered once every two turns, however does not spend a skill point.

Death Wish


To all enemies and randomly removes one effect from each of them. Luocha also gains one stack of Abyssal Flower

The cycle of life


When the rows of Abyssal Flowers reach a total of two, they are spent to create a field in battle. This field lasts for two turns and heals any ally that deals damage to at least one enemy.

A fool’s grace


The area of ​​Luocha’s talent is created at the start of the next battle after using the technique.

Cleansing Revival

Bonus ability

When you use your skill or if it triggers automatically, one debuff is removed from the ally being healed.


Bonus ability

Whenever an enemy is attacked by a team member, everyone except this team member restores some health.

Through the valley

Bonus ability

Luocha’s ability to resist crowd control debuffs increases by 70 percent.

As you can see, in addition to being a phenomenal healer, Luocha can also remove enemy buffs and allies. Both of these effects are great for keeping your team alive and preventing allies from jumping. When it comes to Trace’s advantage, it is recommended to focus on Luocha’s skill first, as it gives the most healing.

You can after that he upgrades his talent and finally Ultimate. There is no need to upgrade Luocha’s base ATK, but you can raise it to level four or five since you will using a bunch of basic attacks to keep some of your skill points. The Cleansing Revival ability is the easiest and most important to unlock.

Are Luocha’s eidolons worth it?

Honkai Star Rail Luocha with sword

If you keep pulling Luocha’s flag and get his copies, you’ll unlock one Eidolon for each copy. These Eidolons permanently improve the character in some way, but they may not be easy to get for free or low spend players. Luocha can already do a lot of things in Eidolon Zero.

Although his Eidolons are very interesting as they can turn him into a Harmony, Nihility and Preservation character at the same time. Some of them increase the DMG of your party members, while others decrease the opponent’s RES and DMG. The bottom line is that after getting his Eidolons, you’ll have a lot of fun if you can afford it.

It is important to note that you do not need these Eidolons by any means. He’s still a great character in Eidolon Zero.

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