Spider-Man Fans Are Roasting Uncle Aaron’s Awful Beat From Miles Morales

It looks like the Spider-Man community has finally moved on from that infamous image of Miles and Peter, as now all they can talk about is Uncle Aaron’s terrible beat from Spider-Man: Miles Morales.



After months of begging Insomniac Games to release new Spider-Man 2 footage, you’d think the Spider-Man community would be focusing intently on the next game in the series leading up to its October release. But you couldn’t be further from the truth, as most of the discussion on the subreddit and on social media is about another big meme – Uncle Aaron’s terrible blow.

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For those of you who don’t remember, Spider-Man: Miles Morales had a branch of side quests where Miles explored the city to try and find sound patterns for his uncle, including sounds like railroad tracks, whistles, and flocks of pigeons . After you complete the task and find all the samples, Aaron sends Miles the beat he made from them and it sounds terrible.

I can’t believe this turned into a meme almost three years after it was relevant, but I curse you all for making me listen to this “beat” again. It basically sounds like a Seinfeld scene transition, but if the music was played on trash can lids, triangles, and church bells. Considering Aaron is supposed to be a cool guy with a taste in music, it’s a pretty awkward scene, especially when Miles seems so excited about the outcome.

The dreaded Beal returned to the Spider-Man scene after a a popular tweet pointed out how bad Insomniac’s Prowler gear is for Miles (which you get from sound sample missions), causing the beat to be shared again. As you can imagine from a community that somehow turned one static image of Peter and Miles standing around into a meme, Uncle Aaron’s terrible beat quickly became the talk of the town, spreading across the web.

Over on the Spider-Man subreddit, fans are absolutely loving Aaron’s beats. Some just point out how bad it is and respond accordingly with comments like, “There’s no way Uncle Aaron was in the studio saying yes, that fire” and “No wonder Uncle Aaron had to turn to a life of crime, no way hell, those beats did him shit,” while others get a little more creative.

Some of the best memes I’ve seen so far take iconic Spider-Man scenes like Miles’ leap of faith and add Aaron’s sick beat to the mix. You didn’t true experience Miles coming to terms with his new powers until you hear the sound of a train crashing loudly over everything. At least it kind of fits with Peter fighting Venom using horrible sounds.

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