Magic Stone Knights July 2023 update brings new characters, costumes, and more

The much-awaited July 2023 update for the popular mobile phone RPG, Knights of the Magic Stonehe announced NEOWIZ, a prominent game development company based in South Korea. Packed with exciting features and new elements, this update is expected to engage players and elevate their gaming journey to an unprecedented level.

Unleash the power of a mighty new 6-star hero in Magic Stone Knights

The standout feature of the latest update is the addition of the mighty Advent Celia with 6 stars. Players now have the opportunity to challenge themselves against a new tough Advent boss, aiming to unleash the full potential of this extremely powerful character. With the arrival of Celia, the game’s strategic depth and excitement have reached new heights, giving players exciting battles and endless possibilities.

Magic Stone Knights update
Image via NEOWIZ

In addition, Magic Stone Knights represent the highly anticipated 5 star hero, Themis. Themis debuts in North America and presents a captivating fusion of Eastern and Western aesthetics. Players will be captivated by Kaede, a character with a charming oriental design, and the gallant Themis, who embodies the striking look of a medieval European knight. This duo brings a refreshing dynamic to the game’s hero roster and expands the options available to players when building their ideal dream team.

Magic Stone Knights embraces customization and personalization with the July 2023 update

NEOWIZ demonstrates a keen understanding of the importance of customization and personalization in gaming encounters. To enhance the player’s expression, the latest update brings three additional outfits focused on a Sports theme. Get ready for an exciting gaming experience with Alche baseball teamwhere hitting a home run becomes a thrilling feat.

Feel the rush of icy triumph with Miracle on the Ice of Themis, which embodies the essence of cold fame. Another option is to assume the role of mighty Arwen wrestling champion and step into the ring with unparalleled ferocity. These fashionable costumes not only provide refreshing visual appeal, but also offer players an opportunity to showcase their individualized fashion sensibilities.

Magic Stone Knights game remains very attractive to players due to its immersive gameplay, impressive graphics and ever-evolving universe. The July 2023 update serves as a testament to NEOWIZ’s commitment to providing great content and keeping players happy. Players are invited to embark on a heroic quest, assemble a team of legendary warriors and win glorious battles in the world of Magic Stone Knights.

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