Children of the Light brings Days of Music event with two new instruments

Sky: Children of Light the author thatgamecompany is tuned as lyrical The Music Days event approach! From Monday, July 3 through Sunday, July 16Sky Kids users can join the symphony at Harmony Hall and enjoy a kaleidoscope of sounds and tunes on their mobile devices, PlayStation 4/5, Nintendo Switch and other platforms.

Sky: Children of the Light brings two new instruments for players in the Days of Music event

Two additional new instruments, saxophone and violin, are now available to Sky gamers for this buzzing occasion. On Monday, July 3, the saxophone will be purchasable with in-game money. Friday, July 7the violin will be offered for $19.99and it will be in stock even after the event is over.

Sky kids of all musical abilities can try out these brand new notes as part of this special ‘Days of Music’ event for an extra burst of light. To record their best musical compositions for public use, players can collaborate using shared Jam Stations.

Sky: Children of Light Days of Music event
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While this is happening, all Sky kids are encouraged to record their mini-videos of up to four pieces at the new Jam Station in Harmony Hall. In addition to the sheet music, these products include free spell samples available over the counter. Players can find these event items on the counter (or the Ghost standing near it) in Harmony Hall:

  • Sheet music: 5 candles
  • Harmony Hairpin: 50 Candles (Return Item)
  • Event currency items:
    • Marching Band Hat: Event 43 currency
    • Saxophone: Event Currency 102

Interested players can find more information about the Days of Music event in Sky: Children of the Light on the game’s official website and social media.

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