Story Of Seasons: Friends Of Mineral Town: Guide To Nature Sprites

In Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town, life can get pretty hectic for what’s supposed to be a relaxed experience. There are crops to tend to and animals to care for, which makes for a to-do list that can be quite long. Especially newbies to the game may feel like they don’t have enough time to make friends, explore the city, and mine.



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Fortunately, nature spirits are here to help. These colorful creatures can water and harvest your crops and care for your animals. All they need in return is love and friendship. We’ll show you how to befriend the harvest spirits and use their help on your farm.

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How to find and befriend Nature Sprites

The sprite can be found in the hut in the upper right corner of the map. get there go to the church and follow the path that runs on the right. This takes you to the Sprites hut which opens at 9am. To seek help from spirits, you must first befriend them by giving them gifts. Each spirit likes objects that are the same color as them.

Harvest Sprite

Priority gifts


Red products (apples, cherries)

Flour, dear


Orange objects (pumpkins, oranges)


Yellow products (corn, pineapple)


Green items (cucumbers, peppers)


Blue Items (Blue Magic Red Flowers)

A plum

Purple items (eggplants)


Sweets (apple pie, ice cream, cookies)

Each sprite also likes grass or other objects of the appropriate color and each one likes flour, which you can buy for 50g each in a general store. Due to the variable nature of color-matched items, it is easier and safer to reach for universally liked gifts instead of.

If you buy flour, you can also spend an extra 50g to get it as a gift. This improves your relationship faster than giving it away as is.

Talking to ghosts, playing with them and attend their tea party everything will help them be happy and allow you to call them for help. After a few days, you’ll like the sprites enough to open up new interactions.

How to get Nature Sprites to help on the farm

You can assign different tasks to all the ghosts. They will watering crops, harvesting crops or caring for animals. Caring for animals involves the most tasks, but takes the least amount of time. This is because they will be fed and brushed and any by-products they produce will be picked up and sent away. Therefore, water plants are worth assigning extra sprites to as this takes the longest and the sprites only stay for a certain amount of time or until they complete the task at hand.

Watering crops takes the most time, so assign more sprites to this task, especially when you are growing more crops. Crops are the most profitable aspect of farming, so you’ll want to prioritize them.

As spirits work, they will gain experience. You can also increase this by playing mini games with them. Their experience is tied to specific tasks, so it’s worth making sure you have sprites trained for each task so they become more effective as your farm grows.

Keeping spirits happy

A farmer in the home of the Harvest Sprites in Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town

If you work hard on sprites without giving them a break, them will refuse to work for you. To prevent this, you need to keep talking to them and offering them gifts. You can do it when they come in the morningwhich saves us the journey to the hut and is done before 9 am.

It’s also good, yes every few days rotate the sprites you ask for help so you can give them some time to rest. If you take care of them, they will take care of you; your farm will be thriving in no time.

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