The Rarest Uniques In Diablo 4

In Diablo 4, rarity is relative. At the beginning of your adventure, the sight of a legendary item drop will make your day, and that item will likely occupy one of your equipment slots for the foreseeable future. Later on, though, you’ll see legendary items every few kills, their once-shiny edge dulled by familiarity.



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No matter how deep you get into the game, there are some items that will always be rare: some uniques that you’ll never be able to reliably find, if at all. These items are so rare, in fact, that their existence had to be officially confirmed by the developers on social media. These are the six rarest uniques in Diablo 4, and woe betide you who seek them out.

6 Grandpa

Information about Grandfather's Sword from Diablo 4

It’s fitting that Grandpa has a lasting legacy in the Diablo series. Starting with the first Diablo, where it was considered one of the most powerful unique swords in the game, Grandfather also appeared in Diablo 2 and Diablo 3, where he once again took on his role with aplomb. In Diablo 4, his power is similarly monstrous.

Not only does it pack a huge base damage value, but it also incredibly boosts your raw damage, max life, critical hit damage, and overall stats. Grandpa also includes a sneaky line of text that allows all of his other traits to transcend their normal boundaries; a sort of built-in limit break, if you will. Although you’ll have to reach the advanced age of level 85 to even see it, Grandpa will give you one hell of a gift when he retires.

5 Ring of Starless Skies

Information about the Ring of Starless Skies from Diablo 4

If you run a build designed around a core skill, which you most likely do, then Ring of Starless Skies might be the trinket for you. Not only does it increase your basic skill damage by up to 19.5 percent, but it also reduces the resource cost of each consecutive basic skill you use up to a maximum of 40 percent.

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This allows you to spam your key moves with impunity and overwhelm your enemies with almost no regard for the resource systems that were meant to keep the game balanced. Additionally, it provides solid resistance to cold and fire damage, and increases your chance of critical and lucky hits, as well as the damage dealt by the former. It may not quite have the power of the One Ring, but Diablo 4 is the closest thing you’ll get. Just make sure your pursuit of it doesn’t turn into an all-out obsession.

4 Andariel’s Visage

Andariel's Visage helmet info from Diablo 4

As the face of one of Diablo’s historical lesser evils, Andariel the Maiden of Anguish, Andariel’s Visage has a lot to do right out of the box. Fortunately, it is more often than not. As a unique helm, it offers solid defensive boosts, as well as increased attack speed and an added element of lifesteal. This allows you to hit enemies more often and drain life from them when you do, making you much more resilient in densely packed dungeon fights.

The best part of Andariel’s form, however, is its unique aspect, which gives you up to a 20 percent chance to summon a new poison on hit that deals massive damage over time to all enemies in range. The damage here is high and can be taken even higher when combined with class specific skills. And while it only fires 20 percent of the time at best, the increased attack rate provided by these helms will ensure you’ll still see poison novas fairly regularly. Unlike the helm itself, which you’ll see once per match if you’re lucky.

3 The melted heart of Selig

Information about the Melted Heart of Selig amulet from Diablo 4

All of the ‘Ultra Rare Uniques’ covered in this list violate at least one of the core rules of Diablo 4, but the violations committed by the Melted Heart of Selig seem particularly egregious. It provides a 30% increase to your maximum resource, be it energy, spirit, or essence, and allows your resource pool to act as a sort of barrier that absorbs damage for you while you have some available.

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This completely changes your approach to developing your skills and equipment, allowing you to use items that increase your maximum resource and resource regeneration rate as an additional health boost rather than their intended purpose. On the other hand, it can also lead to scenarios where you can’t use your key skills during the heat of battle because your resource is depleted by constant enemy attacks. It’s an interesting amulet that changes the way the game is played in a big way, making its ultra-rare status seem more than well-deserved.

2 Doombringer

Information about the Doombringer sword from Diablo 4

With a name like Doombringer, you can expect this sword to create massive waves of destructive darkness with every swing, destroying everything in their path. And you’d be right: at least up to 25 percent of the time. A unique aspect of this blade is its lucky hit ability, with a one-in-four chance to create an explosion of AOE shadow damage, hitting all nearby enemies and reducing the damage they take by 20 percent for five seconds.

The fact that the Doombringer is a fast weapon makes this more likely than you’d think based on the raw odds, and it also pairs nicely with the lucky hit healing ability that exists on the sword as well. His other abilities increase your damage and max life, which are universally useful in all scenarios, making Doombringer one of the easiest ultra rares to build into a specific build.

1 Harlequin coat of arms

Information about the Harlequin Crest helmet from Diablo 4

This one is big. While other ultra-rare uniques are very powerful and can even define a build in some cases, Harlequin’s Crest is almost certainly the best item in all of Diablo 4. This isn’t because of the longest lifespan, resource generation, cooldown reduction, or stat boost it offers. but more for its unique aspect of granting four additional ranks to all your skills.

It’s an absurd bonus, and one that gives access to all of your classes’ skills and all of their passives: something that’s literally not possible with the number of skill points you’re normally given in the game. It improves your character in every way and pushes your favorite skills – the ones you’ve given five points to anyway – to new heights by increasing their rank to nine. No matter what class or build you use, the Harlequin Crest is the holy grail of Diablo 4 and the item by far the most deserving of its ultra rare status and drop rate.

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