Terraria Creator Says It’s Hard To Move On From Because It “Sells Like Hot Cakes”

Terraria’s creator, Andrew Spinks, has admitted that he finds it hard to move away from updating the game (which has infamously seen several “recent updates”) because it’s still “selling like a chip”.



Anyone who’s kept at least one eye on Terraria over the years is probably well aware of the number of times it’s been set for its “final update,” only to continue to be updated with bug fixes and new features. Given how popular the game is, no one is exactly sad when it happens, but it turns out that the massive success is just what keeps it from ending.

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As PCGamesN reports, Terraria creator Andrew Spinks took to Twitter to discuss some of the features of the latest update, version 1.4.5, which dropped just a few days ago. One Terraria fan asked if the developers were done adding new things to the game, prompting Spinks to say that the team is currently just polishing what they have before thinking about adding anything new.

This prompted another Twitter user to cheekily respond by saying there were “100 more recent updates” to go, prompting Spinks to say: “I don’t even know anymore”. Spinks was then asked how well Terraria is doing and if the updates are bringing in more saleswhich made him talk about the continued success of the game and why it makes it difficult to move forward.

Spinks said: “After 12 years, the game is still being sold as a token. There’s so much demand that it’s hard to keep going.” To point this out, Spinks then retweeted a post by Twitter user chippygamingyt which points out that sales of Terraria increased from 30 million to 44.5 million between April 2020 and April 2022, which averages out to about 604,000 copies per month. Suddenly, it’s much clearer why the team hasn’t moved on after 12 years.

While it certainly looks like Re-Logic will be working on Terraria to some extent over the next few years, it seems like there are other games the developer would like to start with. In another tweet, Spinks said the team hopes to work on games “for a long time to come,” before admitting he has at least three different ideas for games he should be working on at some point in the future.

And hey, if the original Terraria eventually ends development, there’s always the option of Terraria 2, which Spinks has mentioned several times in the past as a possible next step for the team.

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