And Then I Was Gone Mystery Labyrinth Walkthrough For Rain Code

It all comes down to that, right? Let us tell you, we were not prepared for this Master Detective Archive: Rain Code’the last chapter. We mean that in the best way. Will you enjoy it as much as we did? Let’s hope! In fact, we count on you to get a lot more out of our investigation and Mystery Labyrinth coverage.



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Grab a coffee – ideally without any interference on the train – and don’t be bothered by the pink blood everywhere. Here’s Rain Code’s last hurray, “And Then I Was Gone.”

And then I left

Yuma and Wendy slowly make their way back to the countryside in Chapter 5 of Rain Code

We begin our last journey in a dilapidated shack. There is one alone interactive object for a quick DP in the next room. Soon after, you’ll find Kurumi. A fun little zombie scene to follow escape sequence. If you run forward towards the zombies, the Shinigami will tell you to find an alternate route. Only turn right through the side path near.

Follow this path down towards the street, then turn left and Yuma will spot a building. Enter. Follow the Shinigami’s route suggestion as Yuma and Kurumi leave, but be prepared press ‘B’ in QTE as Yuma approaches the priest. When the run continues, be prepared press left on the analog stick. It’s pretty fast there Press the ‘X’ button soon after.

After the group falls, continue. He is there Silver commemorative fragment ahead, near the many interactive items on Yuma’s path forward. At the meatloaf factory, when Yuma has to decide how to deal with the zombies in front of him, select “Use Sound”. Hurry up and get it tablet device.

Yuma and Wendy witness zombies eating meatballs at a food factory in Rain Code

Grab the next one tablet device lure more zombies. There is a third one for the Fake Zilch scene tablet device up the opposite stairs of the newest zombie group. You’ll get some quick DP if you scan electric light past the tunnel.

There are plenty of revelations as we watch Yuma chat with all sorts of…interesting locals, but much of the chapter at this point consists of running through hallways that occasionally loop back to previous areas.

Yuma and Shinigami cross the Japanese-style red bridge on the outskirts of Kanai Ward in Rain Code

When you reach this area, cross the red bridge and watch out for the Gold Memory Shard then take the left path. go on Bath to cleanse the mind door. From here, the story gets even wilder; after the abundance of scenes, it’s time for the last Mystery Labyrinth.

The Mysterious Labyrinth, Part One

Shinigami and Yuma go down the rabbit hole into the last mysterious maze in Rain Code

We’re guessing it’s entirely possible that this is the first time you’ve read one of our Rain Code mystery maze guides, so we’re going to repeat what we’ve said in the past! We like to keep these simple and clean, so to speak, with clear answers to each part of the dungeon. A few extras, just excitement. So you can enjoy the Labyrinth to its fullest, but turn your detective eye to this side whenever you get stuck!


  • “What was the cause of the development of Amaterasu and Kanai Ward?” Correct Answer: Homunculus research
  • “Why did the United Government request research on the homunculus?” Correct answer: For military purposes

Reasoning Death Match #1

  • Repel “Homunculi are just a fantasy.” Equipment “Homunculus Experiment Report”. A slash “It was a total wreck.”

Traversing the Star Corridor within the mysterious Rain Code Labyrinth


  • “Who is the greatest mind in the world?” Correct answer: Memo on a corpse
  • “What happened in Kanai Ward in the name of scientific research?” Correct Answer: Project Homunculus
  • “What did they do in Kanai Ward for research?” Correct answer: Blood test for all residents
  • “What was created from Project: Homunculus?” Correct Answer: Residents of Kanai District
  • “What happened as a result of Project: Homunculus?” Correct Answer: The Secret of the Blank Week

Shinigami Puzzle

Reasoning Death Match #2

  • Repel “They couldn’t be replaced.” Equipment “Characteristics of the Homunculus.” A slash “Even their memories would be completely different.” Equipment “The corrupted homunculus.” A slash “There would be no gaps in their memories.”

Reasoning Death Match #3

  • Equipment “Video of Doctor’s Confession.” A slash “None were killed by homunculi.”


  • What’s the reason for the constant rain in Kanai Ward?” Avoid the first two instead of entering the QTE buttons; press ‘Y’ on “To block homunculus weakness.”
  • “What is the source of food for the people of Kanai District?” Correct answers: Meat buns

Shinigami Puzzle

Like the previous Chapter 4, Chapter 5 now sends you to the Deduction Denouement early. Follow this link – we’ll also include it at the bottom of this article – to follow this page. Check back here for the final installment of Rain Code!

The Mysterious Labyrinth, Part Two: Unraveling

The following content appears after deduction unfolding. Let’s go, detectives!

Shinigami and Yuma stand on top of a destroyed roof in Kanai Ward in Rain Code

Duel with Makoto

  • As the Shinigami tutorial notes, we must postpone the strike until the statement receives further review.
  • “When did Makoto arrive at Kanai Ward?” Three years ago
  • “What was going on in Kanai Ward when Makoto arrived?” Wait for the first answer, then select ‘Blank Week Mystery’.
  • “What did Makoto do to protect Kanai Ward?” Isolation.
  • “What did Makoto do as CEO?” Wait for the first answer, then select ‘Homunculus Research Completed’.
  • “What crime did Makoto commit?” Wait for the first and second answers; then select ‘Mass Kidnapping’.
  • “The master detectives have been assembled…” Wait for the first response and then select ‘Unload Yomi’.

Shinigami Puzzle

Second duel with Makoto

  • “Where was Makoto born?” Wait for the first and second answers; then select ‘UG Research Institution’.
  • “Makoto’s DNA is based on…” Number one.

Choosing a place

  • “Find out what feels out of place.” Select the slash on his hand.

Yuma learns the dark truth in the final chapter of Rain Code

The third duel with Makoto

  • “How did Makoto enter the mysterious labyrinth?” Coalescence.
  • “Who used Coalescence?” Makoto
  • “Yuma’s identity is…” Number one
  • “Who gave up their identity as Yuma Kokohead?” The owner of the Ramen stand

Final duel with Makoto

Don’t panic if things seem… silly. We’ll get you through!

  • Hold on until the three Makoto scene at which point cut the one without the weird shimmer over the mask.
  • Repel “Those pitiful homuncului didn’t ask to be made, and neither did I.”
  • QTE time. Press left on the stickwait for the next prompt, press upthen press ‘X’.
  • Those moments in which they are wise phrases stick are a little overwhelming – we do not press anything and they end up punching Makoto. We also tried driving awayand they gave us Makoto punch animations.
  • More QTEs. Here’s what you’ll quickly press: ‘A’ then ‘Y’ then ‘B’
  • Another repulsively fixated scene, and then…
  • Press it ‘Y’ three times. As Makoto’s swords merge into one and he swings forward, be prepared to mash ‘Y’, then ‘A’, then ‘B’, then ‘A’ again.
  • The ‘X’ button will cover half the screen – just press ‘X’.

What does The Final Choice In Rain Code change?

Yuma and the Shinigami stand at the climax of the final Mysterious Labyrinth when the player finally makes his decision in the Rain Code

So, the answer is simple – nothing actually changes. This is because Yuma has in mind an improved version that requires no absolute choicethough he (Koko) doesn’t get into his head forever until you, the player, choose.

While some may see this as an outlier, Master Detective Archives: Rain Code has always been more of a solution game than a choice game, if you know what we mean. There is also a canonical ending, which is great if the Master Detective Archives comes to life and new adventures are created for this brave new world.

We hope you enjoyed your time with Rain Code and we hope we helped you… Master!

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