6 Things You Shouldn’t Buy In Diablo 4

It may seem like gold in Diablo 4 is plentiful, but the truth is, you can never have enough. Everything costs so much money, especially higher level gem upgrades, armor upgrades, and seeing an occultist. Even crafting potions will cost you a lot in the future, and you’ll wish you never wasted money on town vendors.



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So what do you do about it? You can grind dungeons and world bosses regularly, or you can take the easy way out and be careful what and how you spend it.

6 Arms dealers

diablo 4 weapon dealer menu in kyovashad

This can be a bit hit or miss as there is a small chance that you will find a better weapon from the gun dealers, but it is not a very high chance. When you can craft legendary gear and pull weapons from chests, events, or enemy drops, you’ll never be short of something good.

Of course, Diablo buildings and gear are all about finding the right weapon, no matter what class you’re playing. Your weapon even affects things like druid companions (though not to a great extent), so it’s important to have a good one. You might be tempted by a weapon that has a green plus on the vendor, but chances are you’ll find a better one soon.

If you’re desperate, buy one with Murmuring Obols rather than your hard-fought and won gold that can go towards better things.

5 Armor dealer

diablo 4 armor seller and weapon seller in kyovashad

You will always find the best armor when fighting enemies (especially as you progress through the campaign). Bosses and dungeon chests are much more likely to drop high quality armor and even legendary armor than armor vendors carry.

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In fact, you’ll more than likely never see an armor vendor that has legendary armor for you to buy, and the rare items they have in stock will cost far more than they’re actually worth. You’ll be wasting your hard-earned gold if you spend it on armor in town, especially since you’re much more likely to find something better by exploring. If you really want to buy armor, stop by one of the Murmuring Obols merchants.

4 A combination of every gem in your possession

diablo 4 gem combiner and jewelry seller in kyovashad

Gem upgrades are hard to come by in Diablo 4 because they only come every 20 levels or so, so there will be a decent chunk of the game where you’re just collecting gems that you can’t really do anything with. Since you can pop gems out without destroying the item in question, you can reuse gems to your heart’s content.

This means you don’t have to constantly combine every gem that goes through your inventory before it inevitably ends up stacked until you get your next inline item. With that in mind, there’s no real need to combine every single gem you get your hands on because it gets expensive very quickly and you’ll run out of money before you even come close to combining them all into one giant gem.

So, with that said, don’t do it. Instead, save money so that when you reach your next gem upgrade, you’ll have enough money to combine at least two or three together.

3 Horse equipment

Diablo 4 Horse in the stable

You get a horse at the start of act four, at which point you can start buying new skins and skins for your horses. All of this is mostly a complete waste of gold. Almost five million gold for a saddle alone is way too much, no matter what stage of the game you’re at.

If you want that kind of gold, you’ll have to grind for hours, and even then you might not get enough. Even when you’re at level 100, you’ll probably be grinding to make the last few gem upgrades, which will drain your wallet, so giving up gems to customize a horse isn’t the best choice.

Yes, it’s fun to have a nice horse with custom gear to run around Sanctuary and show off, but it won’t make those boss fights any easier. There’s no real benefit to buying a horse customization, but hey, no one’s going to stop you. Just because you shouldn’t doesn’t mean you can’t.

2 Non-legendary equipment upgrades

diablo 4 blacksmith in kyovashad

More than likely, in the early parts of the campaign and before levels 45-50 and beyond, you’ll be regularly replacing your gear with the next best thing. Try not to get too attached to anything because you will inevitably come across something better than what you were just using.

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Some items can be broken down for cosmetics if you really enjoy it, but you shouldn’t waste your gold upgrading early game gear. Whether it’s a weapon or armor, you’ll be swapping it out soon enough. And if it has a legendary aspect you like, you can rip it off from the occultist and stick it on a better piece of gear (although you’ll only do it once).

Upgrading your weak gear, especially rare armor, is simply not worth the price. It’s a waste of gold and a waste of resources. You can make your gear legendary by sticking aspects of it from the Codex of Power or from your inventory, and when you upgrade it at the blacksmith, it means you can keep it longer and finally take on some of the many bosses. in Diablo 4.

1 Stash upgrades

diablo 4 storage in kyovashad

Be honest with yourself for a moment – ​​do you really need every single legendary item you’ve stashed away in your chest? Sure, it’s nice to have them as a legendary aspect, but where you can go and rip aspects off of them thanks to the Occultist, you really don’t need to keep every single unique legendary item.

Yes, the first inventory upgrade is only 100,000 gold, but in the early stages of the game, that’s a lot of money that could be better spent on different things. Even in the later stages of the game, your money is better spent repairing your items and upgrading your Legendaries than having room to store them away for later.

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