Every Eikon In Final Fantasy 16, Ranked

Let’s talk about the most iconic creatures in Final Fantasy 16. Eicons are powerful creatures that choose someone to represent and give power – known as Dominants – and each have their own powers, elements and unique aesthetics. Their presence also grants you the abilities associated with each of them, changing the element of your magic and your general moves – as well as the aforementioned abilities they grant.



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All told, which one is the best? In style, narrative ability and overall power? Although part of the criteria depends on personal opinion, they are distinguished by how they fit into the story and what they offer.

8 Garuda

Clive fights Garuda in Final Fantasy 16

The guardian of the wind, Garuda, has returned. He’s one of the first Eikons you’ll meet and plays into some of the earlier plot points that are further used as the story continues, showing Clive Rosfield’s uniqueness in the narrative.

Additionally, her claws are a great addition to combat as they grab enemies or perform a ‘mini stagger’ on an enemy when the stagger bar reaches halfway. Her abilities are also great for stunning enemies in general.

7 Titan

Final Fantasy 16 - Titan Cutscene

He deals a lot of damage, a way to block most attacks, and is one of the best bosses in the game. Titan is by far one of the coolest Eikons in the game and his abilities are great damage dealers.

They’ll be a bit slow (and you can hold him back a bit before attacking for more damage), but the sheer destruction from your Eikon’s hits makes it worth it. Additionally, most of his attacks involve large area attacks, making him very effective at crowd control. And as mentioned, the block button is useful, and if you block at the last second, you’ll be able to counterattack.

6 Shiva

Liquid Flame - Fire and Ice with Shiva, Eikon of Ice from Final Fantasy 16

The power of cold offers a unique mechanic of freezing your enemies, making Shiva’s abilities unique. Having her dominantly tag along with you for most of the story is also a fun premise for the game; two characters each associated with ice and fire – you can see the Game of Thrones influence here.

Her abilities are relatively strong and you can double dodge with her, where the second dodge freezes the one that was near you. It’s only for a very short time, but it works on almost anyone and you can easily spam it.

5 Phoenix

Final Fantasy 16 Phoenix

The source of your primary power, the Phoenix, is also a major narrative focus due to its relationship with Clive and his brother Joshua. The way he connects them is what ultimately sets the plot in motion. Well, that and Ifrit, but all in due time.

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It also offers amazing abilities like instantly reaching the enemy (or at least much closer) and amazing area attacks. In fact, one of them even heals you in the process and helps you attack and defend at once.

4 Ramuh

Screenshot of Final Fantasy 16 Ramuh Eikonic

Ramuh is also a magnificent Eikon and one of the strongest whenever he appears fully prepared. His lightning powers are not to be trifled with; they are another sweet part of our arsenal. Additionally, this power comes from Cid, who is definitely one of the best characters in the game. And with a rather charming voice too.

Choosing which targets to shoot at leaves you vulnerable, but his skills are some of the best, offering great stun potential and large areas that hit multiple enemies. They’re also pretty quick to execute – at least most of them are – which lends itself to blitz attacks.

3 Odin

Final Fantasy 16 - Barnabas as Odin

Darkness is an interesting power and Odin provides one of the most interesting gameplay mechanics compared to others, all thanks to his Arm of Darkness. But before that, it’s also important to mention how big he is in the story, as he’s one of the main fights the game has to offer.

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But back to his mechanics. His attacks are some of the weakest in the game, but they hit a lot of people at once and have great combo potential. Said combos fill up a meter for a special attack, the Zantetsuken, and it does a lot of damage over a relatively wide area. It’s generally very destructive and you can fill up the Zantetsuken gauge quickly.

2 Bahamut

Final Fantasy 16 - Bahamut Boss Fight Cutscene

Bahamut is also responsible for one of the best fight sequences in the game with his mega, giga, tera and even zettaflares – although he’s still not as powerful as Donald Duck – and his abilities are very useful in combat. His Dominant, Dion, is also one of the most interesting side characters, with some pretty intense struggles on his personal journey.

Megaflare isn’t all that exciting because of the time it takes to activate it – although it’s quite powerful if you have the patience – but regardless, its abilities are great for crowd control and range, as Gigaflare can hit anyone in sight. on the screen if you point it right.

1 Ifrit

Ifrit in Final Fantasy 16

Eikon watches, because you are first and foremost his Dominant. And of course you get a special one that behaves differently than the others for reasons you should find out as you play. Regardless, his behavior and relationship with Clive is pretty special and, as mentioned, that’s how the story starts in the first place.

If the combat is getting too hard, you can charge up to full and have moments where it’s playable with a fully equipped Ifrit in what starts out as slow gameplay but gets smoother every time you change, giving a narrative purpose to the gameplay. You also get some abilities, but since these are also fire-based, you’ll have to choose between using his abilities or Phoenix’s – unless you master the abilities, you can place them wherever you want.

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