What Is Kick?

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  • What makes Kick stand out?

We all know Twitch; cult live streaming platform where you can watch everything from Minecraft to cooking demonstrations. But there’s a newcomer to the streaming game called Kick. So what exactly is Kick? It mostly works similar to Twitch and many around the internet are calling it a Twitch clone.



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Here we’ll answer all your questions about Kick, including what services it offers, when it was launched, and who uses it. Additionally, we will look at the differences between Kick and Twitch.

What is Kick?

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Kick is a live streaming service aimed at gamers. You can stream your own content and watch others play on the site. Similar to Twitch, the live streams have a chat section and you can donate to the streamers.

If you’re not sure who to watch, you can also use the “Browse” button to explore content on the platform. From here, you can narrow down your search by topics like music, IRL, or even gaming.

Kick interface

After you look at Kick for a few seconds, you might notice that it has almost the same layout as Twitch. From a distance, websites can even look the same.

Who created Kick?

Kick was launched on December 1, 2022, but we currently don’t know who the original founders are. But we know a company that supports Kick, that is Stake.com. This is an online casino website dealing with cryptocurrencies.

What makes Kick stand out?

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So what’s the appeal of the Kick? The streaming service has less moderation than Twitch, and streamers on the platform are only charged five percent of revenue, meaning Kick only takes five percent of the revenue streamers earn from subscriptions, leaving them with a full 95 percent.

Twitch, on the other hand, has a 50% revenue levy on top streamers, which generally means less money for streamers. This alone is an enticing reason to join Kick as streamers will see more of the income they bring in.

Unfortunately, Kick streamers can earn more, but the lack of moderation causes some problems. Since the site is backed by a cryptocurrency casino, there is no gambling ban that is currently present on Twitch. Because of this, there are several streamers that stream gaming content.

Gambling in itself is not a bad thing. When looking at online streaming platforms, it’s important to remember that children make up a large portion of users. The combination of children and gambling is not too great. In the United States, the gambling age is 18 or 21, depending on the state.

While the community guidelines list several rules that streamers and subscribers must follow, Ed Craven (co-founder of Stake.com) stated that the only two rules are “no pornography” and “no hate speech.”

Who is under attack?

Streaming XQC on Kick

The short answer is a lot of people. The low revenue has attracted many streamers, including some of Twitch’s previous powerhouses. Below you can see some of the popular streamers that have switched to Kick.

Much of the attention Kick has received is due to the presence of these streamers on the platform. Interestingly, Kick and xQc signed a two-year streaming deal on Kick. This deal can potentially fetch him up to $100 million.

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