How To Defeat Brol, The Tyrant King In Diablo 4

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  • Where to find Brol, the Tyrant King
  • Brol The Tyrant King Fight

Boss fight Diablo 4 is one of the most memorable and entertaining aspects of the game, and they don’t always have to be creatures with lofty plans of evil and deceit. Brol, the tyrannical king, embodies the term ‘entangle’ and find out. He has no grand plans to rule Sanctuary or become a god. He wants to watch the chaos unfold.



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Brol, the tyrannical king, is the leader of the cannibal barbarians who rule the arid steppes. Not many words, but damn, he likes to kill. No wonder Elias employed him as his guard.

Where to find Brol, the Tyrant King

Diablo 4: Altar of Sacrifice

V Temple of the Primes dungeon, Brol is fighting between The third act in the Descent into Flame quest.

This dungeon will be temporarily unlocked for the volcano quest Chambatar Ridge area, found near Fate’s Retreat Waypoint in Dry Steppes.

Killing Brol will drop a legendary piece of equipment and complete the Descent into Flame quest.

After completing the Descent into Flame Quest, you will not be able to revisit the Temple of the Primes dungeon. therefore you can Only fight Brol once per campaign.

Brol The Tyrant King Fight

Diablo 4: Minion Jump Attack

When you reach the sacrificial altar, a cutscene will play where Elias performs the ritual on Taissa with Brol watching in the back. After the cutscene ends, you have to fight Brol.

Fighting Brol in the earlier stages of the fight is easier than fighting Mother’s Judgment during the previous Whisper of the Past quest. This is the consequence Brol is only capable of melee attacks and has low movement speed.

His patterns are easily recognizable, allowing you to quickly react to his powerful attacks and attacks. Is also enough space in the area of ​​the sacrificial altar to avoid its attacks.

There is a significant difference in movement speed between the four classes of Diablo 4, which greatly affects the difficulty of the fight against Brol. Barbarian and Druid have the lowest movement speed four classes in the game, making it difficult to avoid Brol’s powerful melee attacks.

If you’re using a melee focused build, you’ll want this replace your evasion costs with attacks. This will allow you to reduce Brol’s health and avoid his melee attacks.

Brol’s charge attack

Diablo 4: Brol Charging Attack

Brol’s attack is his deadliest, as his movement speed increases significantly as he rushes towards you. You will be stunned by the impact. Fortunately, though Brol can only charge in a straight line making it easy to dodge on either side of his path.

In the later stages of the fight, Brol will start summoning his cannibal barbarians to attack you, so the stun opens you up to a world of hurt. We suggest you equip equipment with high defense and utilitysuch as Vig’s protective amulet.

If you don’t have an amulet, you can equip boots that provide additional evasion duties and equip defensive capabilities.

Preferably, you’ll want skills that grant you temporary invulnerability as it is Necromancer’s Blood Mist skill, because it effectively grants you an additional evasion cost.

Brol’s Slam Attack

Diablo 4: Brol Slam Attack

Brol uses his swords to break up the floor a devastating AoE attack that deals massive damage. This attack is unlikely to catch you as it takes a few seconds for Brol to perform.

Later in the fight it will be much harder to see when Brol is going to use this attack because of all the minions running around. However, you will see the attack’s area of ​​effect is marked as a white circle on the ground.

Brol will remain vulnerable to attacks for a few seconds as he recovers from the impact. That’s why we suggest that you do avoid this attack and quickly run back to attack him.

Summon the Barbarian

Diablo 4: Brol Barbarian Summon ability

When you lower Brol’s health by a health marker, he will began to call barbarian enemies. Cleavers and executioners will start chasing you around the arena. They can deal a lot of damage to you if you get caught in a stun.

If you let them surround you, Brol’s minions can overpower you and prevent you from moving. This is a death sentence as Brol’s basic attacks deal a lot of damage to you.

Keeping Brol’s Minions alive can be a great strategy for keep Brolo away from youas he will get stuck behind a group of barbarians, allowing you to run around the room waiting for cooldowns to reset.

Brol’s Knock Back Attack

Diablo 4: Blood Mist attack that avoids Brol's attacks

Brol won’t start using his back attack until you get his health down below a few health markers. This attack pushes you away from Brol and stuns you for a short time.

There is little time to react to this attack as Brol you can find out immediately. Brol will yell into the air with both swords at his side when using this ability.

Brol’s minions will probably hit you if they just spawned, but you can dodge multiple attacks quickly since the attack has such a short stun.

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