New hero Nolan, Hero and Battlefield Adjustments and more

Right after 1.7.96 Patch Update in Mobile Legends in The original serverthe series of updates continued in Advanced server. New hero name Nolan has abandoned the test server, and some minimal changes have been made to Hero Customizations. In this patch update, we’ll break down the gear changes in the game, the new hero Nolan, and more.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.96: New hero Nolan

Nolan is an Assassin Hero who is as addicted to energy as heroes are Fanny and Ling. He is even believed to be the father of Marksman Hero, Laylawhile not much is known about this tradition.


Passive – Dimensional Rift

Nolan’s skills can cut through space, leaving a rift on the ground that lasts for 5 seconds and slowing enemies that come into contact with it, 30%. When a rift comes into contact with another rift, it will explode and deal after a short delay 150 (+120% of total Physical ATK) Physical damage and attract enemies.

Mobile Legends Patch Update 1.7.96 by MLBB Nolan
Image via MOONTON Games

Nolan gains extra 15 energy for each enemy hero or creep hit by a rift blast. When multiple blasts hit the same enemy at the same time, there would be subsequent damage reduced to 75% of previous hit. After every 6s, Nolan will upgrade his next basic attack to hit and pierce target for (+120% total physical ATK) physical damage during the creation of the Rift.

Skill 1 – Extension

Nolan cuts off the rectangular area in front of him and shares 230/280/330/380/430/480 (+40% total Physical ATK) Bodily injuries and slowing targets hit by 30% for 1s.

Skill 2 – Criterion

Nolan attacks in the target direction, shares 70/100/130/160/190/220 (+30% total physical ATK) Physical damage to enemies in his path.

Skill 3 – Break

Nolan slashes enemies in front, shares 100/150/200 (+15% total physical ATK) Physical damage leaves 3 times and leaves 3 cracks. Meanwhile, Nolan removes all negative effects on him and strikes back.

Hero customizations

Natalia (adapted)

Mobile Legends Natalia Guide Cover
Image via MOONTON Games

Experimental changes: After some testing, the developers decide to change Natalia’s skill 2 and make her more of a fast assassin instead of a team fight support. Her other skills will remain the same as on the official server for now.

Skill 2 (~)

  • Skill Rebuild: Natalia now releases a smoke bomb at her location where she cannot be targeted by basic attacks or skills from enemies outside of the smoke.
  • Enemies inside are unaffected.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.96 Update: Battleground Adjustments

Equipment adjustments

The Scarlet Phantom (↑)

The developers optimized the equipment changes.

Attributes (↑)
  • Physical Attack: 30 >> 70
  • Critical Chance: 25% >> 20%
  • Attribute Removed: 20% Attack Speed
  • New Attribute: 10% CD reduction

Unique Passive – Madness is removed.

Unique Passive – Phantom
  • Casting the Ultimate grants 15% additional movement speed.
  • The price: 2020 >> 2140
  • Properly adjusted build path.

Haas Claws (↑)

The developers optimized the equipment changes

Attributes (↑)

  • Physical attack: 70 >> 30
  • New attribute: 20% attack speed
  • New Attribute: 20% Critical Chance

Unique Passive – Insanity removed.

Unique Passive – Madness

  • Gain 20% bonus attack speed on critical hits.
  • The price: 1810 >> 2020
  • Properly adjusted build path.

Other changes

  • The developers have updated the model and portrait of Akai’s classic skin.
  • The developers fixed an issue where the beam from Gord’s Ultimate would spin uncontrollably.
  • The developers fixed an issue where Popol could cause a logic error with the “Immortality” gear when reviving Kupa.
  • The developers fixed an issue where the damage area for Pharsa’s Skills 1 and 2 did not match the visual effects or indicator.
  • The developers have optimized and updated the general in-game sound effects and battle music. We’ve also added a new interactive music feature.

That’s it for the current patch update in the Mobile Legends advanced server.

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