Which Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Final Fantasy is known for providing a diverse and relatable cast of main characters in each game in the series. This is one of the many important factors that have kept this series a strong player in the gaming universe for over three decades.



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We can all find a character that we see ourselves in, or another that is our complete opposite. Astrology and zodiac signs also offer different personality types in which we can find our individual strengths and weaknesses. It only makes sense that we can see the traits of our zodiac sign on the surface in one of the several unique personalities created in Final Fantasy 16. Do you see similarities to these types based on your zodiac sign?

Clive Rosfield: Aries

FF16 Clive

Clive is the perfect representation of the foundation of the Aries personality: courage. The main protagonist and the firstborn child of Archduke Rosarie inherited the responsibility of the dominant powers of the Phoenix. In the end, this is granted to his younger sibling Joshua, changing Clive’s story arc. He remains our main protagonist in this installment of Final Fantasy and we watch him adapt to all the unforeseen circumstances and overcome all the challenges.

A common Aries personality trait is the ability to give their all when an obstacle is thrown their way, making Clive a fantastic example of this zodiac sign.

Jill Warrick: Chops

Jill before fighting the Patriarch from Final Fantasy 16

Jill is one of the female leads in Final Fantasy 16. Her story is that she grew up in Rosaria along with Clive and Joshua Rosfield. She has a deep love and affection for them due to her upbringing, making her someone driven by her own heartstrings.

This is something very characteristic of Pieces, as they are the more romantic of the zodiac signs and can be nicely overridden by what fills the heart and soul. Pisces are very in touch with their emotions, which allows them to connect with others on the deepest level and be a valued ally in life.

Joshua Rosfield: Taurus

It looks like Joshua will die in Final Fantasy 16.

Joshua, the second son of Archduke Rosaria and Clive’s younger brother, eventually takes over the main story when he becomes the Dominant Phoenix. This honor was first given to Clive, which diverted the development of both characters until the end of the game. Despite this reversal, Joshua remains a steady force from start to finish.

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This makes him a perfect example of a Taurus. Earth signs are known for keeping their feet firmly on the ground. Even as a young child, Joshua had a clear vision for his life, which beautifully portrays a person with deep roots. He also has a fondness for a certain flower that symbolizes resilience, which brings out his inner Taurus zodiac sign even more.

Benedikta Harmon: Virgin

FF16 Benedict

Benedikta Harmon joins Final Fantasy 16 as one of the main antagonists in the plot. If ever there was a character to show the Virgin in action, it would be Benedikta. He maintains a more cool demeanor while performing leadership and battle skills at a perfectionist level. This meticulous work ethic allows her to quickly rise through the ranks and become a force to be reckoned with in the story.

Virgos are the stereotypical type A of the zodiac and achieve high scores because of their diligence, but they can come across as harsh because of the seriousness with which they take whatever life throws their way.

Cydalph Telamond: Capricorn

FF16 Cid

Cidalfus Telamond, perhaps better known as the Cid, exemplifies Capricorn with his consistent presence and importance to the plot. Clive is always in the game to help.

Capricorns are an earth sign and are very grounded and provide a foundation for those in their inner circle. Cid created The Hideaway, a safe place for Clive and the other exploited Dominants to go and develop the game’s narrative. His military background only reinforces his Capricorn personality traits, such as hard work and perseverance.

Dion Lesage: Scorpio

FF16 Dion

Dion Lesage contributes to the character set of Final Fantasy 16 by being of a special lineage of royalty. It is distinguished by the fact that it is Bahamut’s Dominant, an Eikon of Light.

Not only is he the passionate leader of the Dragoon Knights, but he is also the popular heir to the throne of the people, stirring up emotions in the masses. Scorpios have hardy personalities that attack like the scorpions they are named after, as they are fighters who do what they feel is right with all their might.

Hugo Kupka: Gemini

FF16 Hugh

Another main antagonist, Hugo Kupka, is a boisterous and outgoing person who fits closely with the uninhibited personality of a Gemini. Like this Gemini zodiac sign, Hugo’s story has two distinctive parts. He begins with meager means until he becomes the Dominant of the Earth Eikon Titan.

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This results in a 180-degree turn from small beginnings to an abundance of wealth and power. Duality is a characteristic of Gemini. They are known for being flexible and innovative, two things that made Hugo a big influence on the plot.

Barnabas Thurmer: Leo

FF16 Barnabus

Leos are the lions of the zodiac, giving the impression of a bold and strong personality. Barnabus is one of the most confident characters in Final Fantasy 16 and takes on the role of a lion perfectly. He is exceptional in the art of warfare and manages to be in the heat of every battle that takes place in his presence.

As Odin’s Dominant, he rose to power and leadership without the advantages of natural nobility like some of his peers. Leos are inseparable leaders, which makes Barnabas an excellent representative of this powerful zodiac sign.

Torgal: Cancer

FF16 Torgal and Clive

What could be more faithful than a canine companion? Torgal, a wolf-like four-legged friend, sticks by Clive in all difficulties and does not hesitate to help throughout the game. Loyalty is a sign of the Cancer personality, which makes Torgal FF 16 a representative of this zodiac sign.

Cancers are natural educators and Torgalo’s role is to help Clive on his journey without fail. It provides a constant sense of support as its master navigates the ups and downs of a well-developed story.

Ifrit: Archer

FF16 Ifrit

As another aspect of fire, it seems fitting that Ifrit matches the fire sign of Sagittarius. Similar to the random flicker of the flame, Ifrit is an awesome character who is spontaneous in his fighting style. Ignite, one of Ifrit’s main attacks, is a spontaneous and explosive maneuver that can be used on the ground or in the air. This is suitable for the personality of the explorer of the zodiac signs.

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Sagittarius individuals also demand respect, and this intimidating and unforgettable adversary will provide that emotion on your journey.

Ramuh: Aquarius

FF16 Ramuh

Ramuh is depicted in Final Fantasy 16 in the guise of the Blue Advisor. His attacks are even very thoughtful and deliberate. Judgment Bolt, a signature move, has Ramuha fire bolts from above at a single enemy that is the one that poses the biggest threat in a given battle.

It provides tactical examples of the philosophical approach and nature of Aquarius. Although this sign has aqua in its name, the qualities of an air sign are strong, making Aquarius personalities innovative and floating apart from the herd.

Chirada: Libra

FF16 Chirada

The brand symbol for Libra is the scale, the best visual representation of balance. After all, they are called balance scales. Of all the fighting characters in Final Fantasy 16, fighting Chirada is the perfect example of tactical balance.

Combat progresses in a very methodical and well-paced manner that provides a familiar sense of balance when interacting with Libra. This key fight begins with linear forward attacks and then evolves into full-circle maneuvers.

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