Slugterra: Slug it Out 2 v5.1.4 MOD [Update]

Name: Slugterra: Slug it Out 2Version: 5.1.4Root: No Mod features: Unlimited Money*when you open some chests to get a lot of currency Install Steps:1. Remove playstore version2. Install mod APK3. Enjoy Credits: ?Playstore Link: Slugterra: Slug it Out 2 – Apps on Google Play Download Link:MOD APKMirror

Best Tips For A Sci-Fi Game In Dungeons & Dragons

The settings of Dungeons & Dragons are as varied and exciting as the characters you create to live in those settings. Creepy forests and gothic castles are aplenty in these scenes, but one that some may forget is the science-fiction setting. THEGAMER VIDEO OF THE DAY SCROLL TO CONTINUE WITH CONTENT Related: Dungeons & Dragons: … Read more

The Simpsons™: Tapped Out v4.63.0 MOD [Update]

Name: The Simpsons™: Tapped OutVersion: 4.63.0Root: No Mod features: Free ShoppingBuild everything for free, even when there is no Money and Donuts or quantity 0! Install Steps:1. Remove playstore version2. Install mod APK3. Enjoy Credits: ?Playstore Link: The Simpsons™: Tapped Out – Apps on Google Play Download Link: MOD APKMirror

How to Play A Duergar In D&D

The idea of Dwarves in Dungeons & Dragons often brings to mind boisterous festive-goers enjoying lively parties. But few know that beneath the surface, a different side to the dwarves thrives in the shadows of the Underdark. The Duergar are a stoic subspecies of dwarves who spend their lives toiling away in the mines and … Read more

Bulu Monster v10.0.4 MOD [Update]

Name: Bulu MonsterVersion: 10.0.4Root: No Mod features: 1. Unlimited Bulu Points (never decrease, need enough first) Note: You cannot save your progress with this mod, maybe work when you log in with Facebook account (didn’t test it) Install Steps:1. Remove playstore version2. Install mod APK3. Enjoy Credits: ?Playstore Link: Bulu Monster – Apps on Google … Read more

Every Pikmin Game, Ranked Best

Highlights Pikmin is a game series focused on exploration and puzzle-solving, with each installment adding new features and improved graphics. Pikmin Adventure is a fast-paced, action-packed mini-game on the Wii U, different from the puzzle-solving aspects of the main series. Pikmin Bloom is a mobile game that rewards players for walking and exploring the real … Read more

Adorable Home v1.26.2 MOD [Update]

Name: Adorable Home Version: 1.26.2 Root: No Mod features: 1. Unlimited Currency/Hearts *Increase when you spent Install Steps: 1. Remove playstore version 2. Install mod APK 3. Enjoy Credits: ? Playstore Link: Adorable Home – Apps on Google Play Download Link: MOD APK Mirror

All Endings For The Mortuary Assistant, Ranked

The Mortuary Assistant requires you to go through multiple different shifts if you want to uncover the dark lore that lingers inside and underneath River Fields Mortuary. Whether you’re diving into the mortuary to uncover its darkest secrets or you just want to get through your shift while pretending like nothing is wrong, there will … Read more

Pokémon Go Raid Battles schedule for August 2023

Pokémon Go is a virtual reality game from Niantic that allows players to travel in person and catch Pokémon like an actual Pokémon trainer in real life. In this game, Raids play a huge part as players can catch several types of Pokémon from it by battling against them and defeating them. The Pokémon range … Read more