Star Rail Luocha is coming in Version 1.1 and here’s why you should pull for him

Luocha is expected to be released in Honkai Star Rail version 1.1 as the next 5-star after Silver Wolf. He is an element of the imaginary type that goes on the Path of Abundance. Luocha specializes in healing that increases with his total ATK, he can heal allies even when it’s not his turn from his unique deck. A foreign merchant who came from beyond the sea appears on Xianzhou Luof with a huge coffin. With his superior medical knowledge, he always saves people from danger. Luocha primarily focuses on providing support to the team with his incredible healing and cleansing to keep the team alive during battle. Honkai Star Rail he is expected to release Luocha in version 1.1 and here is why you should pull for him.

Why you should pull for Luoch in Honkai Star Rail

Luocha’s element is Imaginary, which is currently the rarest item type in the game. In addition, he is a healer who takes Path of Abundance and will be the 3rd healer in the game after the currently very limited selection of healers in the game. For this reason alone, Luocha will be a very necessary pick, especially in the later stages of Forgotten Hall, where players will need at least 2 healers or shields on both teams.

Luocha will be of great help if players are focusing on early game content progression. According to several leaks, Luocha is expected to be added to Honkai Star Rail in patch 1.1 in the second half. Players can test him and see his abilities during battles in Xianzhou Luof.

Abilities and Tracks of Luoch

Luocha’s Ascensions play a big role in his healing and clearing abilities, he can gain more defensive support for the team.

Cleansing Revival Through the valley Consecrated
Using the skill removes 1 debuff(s) from target ally. Luocha’s maximum damage received in a single attack is capped at 70% of his maximum health. The chance to resist Crowd Control debuffs is increased by 70%.

It was clear that Luocha’s role is to keep the team alive and out of harm’s way as much as possible, she can clear debuffs and can provide great healing abilities to the team.

Honkai Star Rail Luocha's face
Image via HoYoverse

Abilities of Luoch

Basic Attack – Thorns of the Abyss

Attacks one enemy with imaginary damage equal to 50% of Luochine’s ATK.

Skill – Abyssal Flower Prayer

Luocha’s skill restores one ally’s HP by 40% of its ATK plus 200. Additionally, it gains a stack of Abyss Flower. If any ally’s HP drops to 50% or lower, Luocha will automatically use his skill on them without using skill points. This can happen again as Luocha acts twice more.

Ultimate – Death Wish

Luocha removes one enemy’s buff and deals imaginary damage equal to 80% of Luocha’s ATK to all enemies. Luocha gains a stack of Abyss Flower.

Talent – the cycle of life

Luocha spends all sets to spread the field against the enemy when Abyss Flower has two sets.
The attacking ally immediately recovers HP equal to 14% of Luochine’s ATK plus 70 whenever it attacks any enemy on the field. The field has an effect for two turns.

Luocha Eidolons

Eidolon 1 – Pure Donation Allies’ ATK is increased by 20% while the field is active.
Eidolon 2 – Baptism of the Living When using his skill, Luocha’s healing output is increased by 30% if the target ally’s HP is below 50%. A shield that can absorb DMG equal to 18% of Luochine’s ATK plus 240 is given to target ally for 2 turns if their HP is 50% or higher.
Eidolon 3 – Stupid attempt Skill Lv. +2, up to max Lv. 15. Talent Lv. +2, up to max Lv. 15.
Eidolon 4 – Judgment from the Crown of Thorns Enemies deal 12% less DMG and become weakened while Luocha’s field is active.
Eidolon 5 – Mark of Sacrifice Ultimate Lv. +2, up to max Lv. 15. Basic ATK Lv. +1, up to max Lv. 10.
Eidolon 6 – Dust to Dust Ultimate has a 100% fixed chance to reduce All-Type RES of all enemies by 20% for two turns.

This information is subject to change since the official announcement, so players should always take it with a grain of salt.

Why Luocha is worth pulling for HSR

Luocha could become the best healer in 1.1 because of his smart healing and cleaning. The later stages of the game will contain more debuffs and this can easily change the course of the fight. Luoch’s cleansing effect and ability are extremely useful, especially against strong bosses like Kafka and Cocolia. They can attack a target and inflict large debuffs on it, which can be extremely dangerous during combat. Luocha can prevent this by cleaning up and keeping the team healthy with his healing. Luocha is also an Imaginary-type item, which means it is useful in situations where players need this item to eliminate weaknesses.

Honkai Star Rail Luocha's skill
Image via HoYoverse

If you’re debating whether to pull it or not, it’s definitely a worthy pick and quite useful for pushing early game content. Being a healer in addition to the imaginary type element, he is one of the rarest and most useful characters in the later stages of the game. If players are planning to expand content for the early stages of the game, Luocha helps them a lot in this area. He can easily fill a role on any team in need of defensive support.

Luocha will certainly become important to the end game content as it is The Forgotten Hall and A simulated universe. Luocha is scheduled to release in version 1.1 in the second half under Silver Wolf’s banner. It is important to note that HoYoverse, a. he still hasn’t confirmed this information Live broadcast of the special program will have until May 26 for confirmation.

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Will you be rooting for Luoch in his upcoming Character Event Warp in Honkai Star Rail version 1.1? Let us know in the comments below!

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