Complete Chapter Nine Walkthrough For The Lord Of The Rings: Gollum

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  • How to solve the Riddlemaster’s Mirror Puzzle
  • How to climb a royal oak

Chapter nine begins the climax Lord of the Rings: Gollum. In the halls of the elven king, you will have to find and use secrets hidden from even the most astute elves. You’ll be revisiting some old locations and a big new area at the Midsummer Festival.

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The challenges of the game increase towards the end, so if you need help, this guide has all the best routes through the chapter. Puzzle solutions, hidden paths and more await you below. It’s not all obvious from this point on, so keep this guide open as you play!

How to solve the Riddlemaster’s Mirror Puzzle

smeagol looks into the Riddlemaster's mirror in The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

Back in Mel’s cell, take the fish that the Cruel Elf left for you and an egg on the table. Go outside and up to talk to Neldis, the cook. She will send you to the garden to look for bright stones.


Climb to the top of the garden using the same path as before and collect the first stone. You will hear a conversation between Thranduil and the guards. listen then return to the main garden area and pick up the larial growing behind the bench.

Talk to the guards near the fire and tell them you’re ready to go. Follow them to the gardens of the Elven King. Enter the tower when they open the door and then exit through the back door turn around and climb the wall. The path is the same one you used to escape in Chapter Seven. At the top, pick up the mistletoe with a swarm of truth-tellers around her.

You will automatically travel to the Riddlemaster’s Chamber. Go to the bedroom and examine the mirror in the far corner, by the window. It will show the room behind you with some changes; turn the disc on the table to the leftthen ensure that candle at the well and those above the window light up, and the third goes out.

When everything is correct, examine the mirror again and it will reveal a secret passage. Go inside and follow the corridor, then examine the strange marble in the fountain below. After the recording, go back upstairs and use the fountain in the bedroom to talk to Mell,

How to climb a royal oak

elven cook neldis in lord of the rings: gollum

Leave the house and give two stones to Neldis. You can also go to Mello’s cell and pick up the other fish you have left. Turn on the lights in the dim lights when Neldis asks you to, then step into the circle of lamps.

When you’re ready to go, talk to Neldis again to go to the festival in the Royal Oak. Once there, go straight and cross the bridge to the right. Talk to the elves on the benchthen return to Neldis.

In the far left corner of the festival grounds is a small green hut containing a collectible wooden fork.

Then use Smeagol’s answer to get Neldis to talk to the elves by the tree follow her. When the elves leave, go through the tunnel they blocked. inside, climb the wall reach the stage on the outside of the tree; above you and to the right will be a ledge that you can continue climbing up.

Go up and left until you reach a wooden path. At the fork, Go left to take over the Garlanda there, then returns and take the right path. Keep an eye out for a well-hidden drop just past the fork; he will take you back to the bottom of the tree and force you to to climb again.

When you reach the end of the path, look for a ledge in the tree trunk and continue climbing up. Turn right and jump to the platform on the next branch, then back to the third platform. Go out onto a large branch that is bare, then turn around; you will look at the next set of edges above you.

Climb up and jump back to the top to the platform which will allow you to jump to another bare branch which will help you reach the next platform, above you and to the right. Follow the path and go left at the fork.

Jump up the bare branches counter-clockwise and be careful not to fall – you can’t grab the edges here. When Gollum is reminded to be careful, jump into flight from the end of a branch to reach the next. After the long jump, take the wooden platform on the left, near trunk, continue.

Follow the branches clockwise to reach a set of four swinging bars in a row; use them to cross the gap, then examine Gwendil’s carving on the right to trigger a scene.

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How to escape Orcs

smeagol in the trees above the midsummer festival in gollum in the lord of the rings: gollum

Use the hole in the path from earlier (directly behind you) to quickly return to the bottom of the tree. There’s an armored orc outside, so be quiet! Crawl between the flowers on the leftkeeping an eye out for an orc with a light nearby.

When an orc is not looking at the light, cross the road and pick up a pile of rocks there. Throw one at the lamp on the floor to the left to turn it off. When the coast is clear, cross the road again to the extinguished light and hide in the flowers just past it.

Crawl to the right, through narrow passages. There are some orcs patrolling here with lightsabers, but if you stay in the flowers and move carefully you can avoid them. You might even manage to catch one or two yourself and kill them.

The exit from the passage is watched by an armored orc; throw a stone at the metal ball next to it and sneaks past while distracted. Just past it is a ladder that leads into the trees above.

When you’re on the branch, crawl to the end and look to the left. On the branch of the next tree you will see a ledge to hang from. Jump on it and climb up, then use the new branch to jump onto climbing trunk to the right.

Follow the branches to a small path on the cliff and follow it clockwise to exit the area and end the chapter.

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