How To Build Silver Wolf In Honkai: Star Rail

Characters in Honkai: Star Railway are divided into seven paths and types of combat. Each path defines the role of a specific character and combat types are used to chop down the enemy’s toughness scale. Silver Wolf is a quantum character who belongs to the path of Nihility, which means that he excels at eliminating enemies’ pests.

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She was the first limited character in the v1.1 update, and she also got a companion mission with the release. Silver Wolf is immune to Power Creep due to his skill set, which makes him a great character.

The best relics and flat decorations for the silver wolf

Honkai Star Rail Silver Wolf Relic Screen

Choosing the appropriate relics and planar ornaments is the most complex step in character building. When you have two or four pieces from the same set, you will receive a special bonus that can greatly improve your character’s abilities. Although you cannot get these items at the beginning of the game.


Relics are unlocked as you progress a bit through the main story, but you will they can only be farmed after you unlock the Cavern of Corrosion during the final part of the Jarilo-VI quest. Each cavern has two sets of relics, and the set you get after each run is entirely based on luck. You will need to spend 40 Trailblaze Power each time.

On the other hand, Planar ornaments can be farmed from the third world onwards simulated universe.

Once again you will need to spend 40 Power or one Immersifier to get the rewards.

Here are the best decks to use on Silver Wolf:

The species


The reason for the synergy with the silver wolf


The shooting meteor thief

This is one of the Relic sets that you can start getting early game. The four-piece increases your Break Effect by up to 32 percent and you regenerate some energy when you trigger Weakness Break.

This works perfectly on the Silver Wolf since her technique allows you to remove the weakness bar of all enemies, even if they don’t have a quantum weakness. If you use this, you’d want to trigger as many Weakness Interrupts as possible.

The genius of brilliant stars

This is a quantum kit that can only be farmed from his Cavern of Corrosion, except for the Sealed Sector quest. It gives you a 10% quantum DMG bonus and you can ignore 20 percent of an enemy’s DEF during an attack.

Although DEF ignores will be half if the enemy has no quantum weakness. Since the silver wolf can instill a weakness in the enemy, this works great.

Flat decorations

Talia: Kingdom of Banditry

This set of ornaments can give you an additional 36 percent Break Effect if you have 145 SPD or higher, which can work well if you’re using a Thief Relic set. Although this set can have a background when it comes to the Silver Wolf.

While you do need some SPD on her, it’s not necessary to have too much as her effects last for several turns.

Lively Vonwacq

This is one of the best sets for Silver Wolf as it gives you a level of energy regeneration and boosts your forward action at the start of the battle, which allows you to implant the required weakness from the very beginning.

Have a level of energy regeneration on the binding rope with this will they give you 100% performance on debuffs from your Ultimate.

A galactic commercial enterprise

Silver Wolf does not have a 100% chance to apply any effect on the enemy, making Effect Hit Rate one of the best stats for her. This set gives you 10 percent of that and also increases your ATK based on your hit rate.

Inert saline salt

Finally, if you have some Eidolon for the Silver Wolf or if you are using the Genius kit, you can use it as a sub-DPS. This deck allows you to do that by increasing your critical rate and giving you some DMG boost on Ultimate.

Once you’ve decided on the main sets of Relics and Planar Ornaments you want to use on her, the next step is to find out the main and sub statistics about them. Each gear has one main stat and up to four sub-stats, and here are the best ones for the Silver Wolf:

Tool type

Top priority for statistics

the head

HP (guaranteed)


ATK (guaranteed)

The body

Effect hit rate

The feet


A planar sphere

Quantum DMG bonus

Link Rope

Energy regeneration rate

Silver Wolf can be very easy to build as it doesn’t need that many sub-stats. In addition to Effect Hit Rate and SPD, wherever possible, you can look for some percentage of ATK, interrupt effect and crit. Although she would be in a good place if she had around 135 SPD and a 60-90% hit rate.

The best light cones for the silver wolf

Honkai Star Rail before starting the mission Tutorial Light Cone Screen

Here is a list of all the light cones you can use on the silver wolf:

Constant rain

In addition to this cone of light giving you some free effects and a critical rate additionally increases the DMG the target you attack takes for one turn. Considering it’s her signature Cone of Light, it’s the best in the character slot.

Before starting the tutorial

This is a time-limited cone of light which can only be obtained in the Starhunt Game event. The effect hit rate and energy provided by Light Cone is almost as good as its signature five star, if not better in some cases.

On behalf of the world

This cone of light can be great if you plan on using the silver wolf as a sub-DPS. It gives you increased DMG for debuffed enemies and additional Hit Rate and ATK effect on your skill.

Good night and sleep well

Another great choice for sub-DPS Silver Wolf users, this Light Cone increases your damage against debuffed enemies based on the number of debuffswhich belongs to one of her talents.

Resolution shines like pearls of sweat

The effect of this cone of light is somewhat similar to that of the Silver Wolf. This hits target enemy with Ensnared, reducing DEF by one turn.

The void

For beginner players, Void can be a decent three-star option increases your Hit Rate effect at the start of battle.

Overview and advantage of silver wolf tracks

Honkai Star Rail Silver Wolf Cool pose

As with any other character, you will find a total of eight Traces with the Silver Wolf. Three of them are actively used during battle, while others are considered passive, which can be triggered under various conditions. Here’s what all her talents do:

The name follows

The species


System alert

Basic attack

Deals some quantum DMG to one enemy.

Allow changes?


While attacking the enemy, a new Weakness will be instilled in them, and will belong to one of the battle types in your team. This remains for two turns, and the enemy’s RES DMG on that type is also reduced by 20 percent.

You’ll also lower the enemy’s total RES and deal some quantum DMG.

User disconnected


Deals quantum DMG to one enemy and has a chance to greatly reduce DEF for three turns.

Waiting for system response…


Whenever an attack hits an enemy, there is a chance that a bug will be implanted in them, which can have one of the following effects: DEF reduction, ATK reduction or SPD reduction.

Force exit the program


Deals quantum DMG to all enemies and break their toughness scale regardless of weakness type.


Bonus ability

Each bug used takes an extra turn. More, Weakness Breaks also have the ability to implant bugs.


Bonus ability

The weakness implanted by her skill lasts an additional turn.

A side note

Bonus ability

If an enemy is affected by three or more debuffs when using a skill, reduces the total RES by another three percent.

Similar to Relics, Silver Wolf Tracks can be very easy to build, making him a great early game character when you struggle for resources. The most important part of her skill is the weakness implant, which means you need to upgrade her skill first no matter what.

That’s easy followed by her Ultimate to increase DEF reduction and Talent last. All the additional abilities are also very important, so you can get them whenever you have the resources. Trace also receives some ATK, Effect Hit Rate and Quantum DMG Bonus from some nodes.

Are silver wolf eidolons worth it?

Honkai Star Rail Silver Wolf and Kafka Talk

Given that Silver Wolf is a future-ready character with a rather unique skill set, it’s more than worth going for her Eidolons if you can afford it. The first two Eidolons solve her energy problem and make it easier to use the new weakness at the start of any battle.

On the other hand, Eidolon four and six directly improve her Ultimate and total DMG based on the debuffs you have on the enemy. If you bring this character into Eidolon Six, he can deal enough damage to be considered a DPS main. Although it will make your Relic build much more difficult if you want to achieve this.

Although her Eidolons are good, without them you will be able to clear all content if you have your characters built correctly.

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