Marvel Snap is coming up with a new competitive mode, Conquest

Marvel Snap is a highly competitive card game where players build a deck of cards from all the Marvel character cards they have and then jump into matches to show their might. What if a new game mode is announced? Marvel Snap is preparing a new battle mode Conquest which is expected to be published in June 2023.

Conquest Mode has new difficulty levels and great rewards

After witnessing the huge success of the Friendly battle mode, Marvel Snap mentioned this Conquest mode in its 2023 roadmap announcement. The new mode was labeled “coming soon” in March 2023 and is expected to be released in June 2023. Main Mode Overview is as follows:-

How to win Marvel Snap
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  1. Players will line up against other Snappers in a battle mode duel to earn rewards.
  2. A continuous winning streak opens the door for players to advance to the next level, where they will be able to fight opponents that are stronger than the previous ones.
  3. Players will have a few options to choose from before starting a battle, these are; Proving Grounds, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Vibranium and Infinite. Players can thus choose one of the options and fight the opponents accordingly.
  4. Proving Grounds is like an unranked battle match that costs nothing. But to choose other options, players must have tickets to access them. Tickets are earned by winning the league series in the previous tiers, for example winning the silver series will earn you a gold ticket, and then you can opt for the gold option to compete against tougher opponents.

So players will receive medals after completing each series, here is a list of the costs, wins and medals needed for each level they move:

Difficult level Price (Gold) Victory Medals
Proving Grounds free 1 15
Silver 80 2 120
gold 200 3 370
Endless 500 5 1350

Now let us know about the difficulty levels one by one –

  • Proving Grounds – This is a league where players can play as much as they want and serves as a False unranked mode. Players must win 1 match and receive 15 medals to earn a silver ticket.
  • Silver – This league is the first battle league where players will compete against silver rank players. Players must achieve 2 wins and 120 medals to receive the golden ticket.
  • gold – Up here, players will compete against gold rank players and players must win 3 matches and collect 370 medals to get a ticket to the next league.
  • Endless – This is the highest ranked league series in this mode, so players will have 1350 medals to build this league. Players must win 5 matches in this league to prove themselves.

Marvel Snap will also introduce the Conquest Shop

This is an area where players can purchase exclusive items using the medals they have earned. The store will be refreshed every season so players can check for new items every month. As players progress through the tournament, the competition becomes increasingly challenging, requiring a greater number of wins. A single defeat means the end of the player’s current run.

Marvel Snap presents the Conquest Shop
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To continue their journey, players must obtain another ticket or choose to purchase using in-game currency such as gold. Each triumph contributes to the accumulation of medals, which can be used to obtain exclusive rewards in the seasonal medal shop.

Final thoughts

Conquest Mode seems very interesting and at the same time promising from the perspective of Battle Mode. This mode can motivate players to compete with other players in the game and climb the Marvel Snap leaderboard. So let’s see what else this mode can bring to the players, and until then let’s just wait for its release.

What do you think of the new Conquest mode in Marvel Snap? Let us know at comment section below!

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